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Hyemi's P.O.V

I woke up first and noticed that my hands were around Yoongi's hips. Jumping away from him in shock, I sat up on the edge of the bed and silently slapped myself regretting going to sleep. Is he going to make me fall for him next?

I stared at his peaceful face and got up to wash my face. I went to the bathroom and found a spare toothbrush to brush my teeth with and kept Yoongi's over-sized shirt and boxers on since my clothes were gone. Could he at least get me my clothes if he planned to keep me here?

Well, it doesn't matter since I'm planning to escape today anyway. I went back to the room to see him still sleeping. I sighed and tried to open the door which was obviously locked and knocked on it. Yoongi seemed like he was in a deep sleep so I took this chance and whisper/yell to the door "Mijoo! You there? Get me out of here"

I knocked on the door again and suddenly felt two pair of arms around my waist causing me to jump and scream. Yoongi hugged me from behind and I felt his head lay on my shoulder ignoring my scream. I calmed down and banged on the door trying to push him away.

"Why are you being so annoying in the morning babe?" He spoke in a husky and sexy voice as I turned around and glared at him.

"I told you to stop calling me babe! Plus it wasn't my fault you surprised me-" I was once again cut off as he slammed his lips onto mine catching me by surprise. He kissed me roughly as my arms flailed around to push him away. When he finally pulled away I glared at him. "You could've at least brushed your teeth" I murmured and wiped my mouth. He rolled his eyes at my comment then turned around to go the bathroom.

I sat down and waited for him to come back out and unlock the door because I was hungry and was sick of being stuck in a room. The clock said that is was 8 am and I was surprised because I usually wake up really late; the weird thing was that I actually had a good night's sleep for the first time in 8 years since I had slight insomnia. Sighing I leaned my head against the door and closed my eyes.

Yoongi exited the bathroom and changed into his clothes while I kept my eyes closed not really bothering to tell him to change somewhere else because I knew he would just ignore me. I felt him walking towards me and opened my eyes to watch him kneel in front of me and give me a new pair of boxers and shirt. I stared at them and was about to say something when he leaned forward and pecked me on the lips.

"I've brushed my teeth" He winked and stood up. I stood up with him and glared at the clothes in my hands.

"I'm not wearing this! It shows too much leg, I want my own clothes" I complained while he chuckled at my reaction. I was used to Yoongi's unexpected reactions, he was just so hard to understand that I gave up and decided to go along with whatever he does or says.

"Just wear it for today and I'll take you to shop for new clothes" He said making my eyes light up at the mention of going out. Maybe this was my chance to escape. "And if you think of escaping..." He smirked and leaned towards me holding my chin forcefully "you'll regret it" he stepped back and pushed me away to unlock the door.

I held in my anger and stomped to the bathroom to change. When I got back out, he was already gone and had locked the door. I sighed and turned on the TV to watch the news.

"...and now we'll go to Youngjae who'll inform us about the case of the two missing girls" The lady said and I gasped as the screen changed and I saw a random guy standing right in front of my mother's house. She seemed worried as she talked to two police officers in the background and that Youngjae guys explained the situation.

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