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I am sorry if I am destroying some ships and if you hate me after this chapter but please bear with me. ;) Thank you and I hope you're enjoying the story so far AND please tell me what you think I love reading your comments <3 ;)


Peeking around the corner I waited to see if there was anyone in the hallway. The coast was clear so I took a small step forward but speed walked right towards the door. Quickly opening it I slipped inside and made a beeline to the bedside table. Picking up the photograph from the table I hurried out again and down the hall.

It took me two hours after I had argued with Alec and stormed to my bedroom to get the guts to do what I had to do. Mind you those two hours felt like two minutes. Turning a corner I collided with Stephy but I didn't bother stopping and apologizing I just kept on walking even when she called my name. Becuase if I stop now I might never do it.

The doors to his office appear to soon and I found myself staring at it in anticipation. Lifting my hand I left it hovering above the doorknob I took a deep breath and then placed my hand on the knob and opened the door quickly. I stepped inside and closed the door before resting my back against the door hiding the photo behind me.

Alec glanced up at me and sighed, I frowned I knew I pissed him off but there was no need to be so rude.

"Can I help you?" He askes not really bothering to look at me.

"No, but I can help you" I said the anger slowly seeping into my voice this caught his attention. I took confident steps forward until I was directly in front of his desk.

"And how can you help me?" He asked raising a brow on a cocky manner. Grinding my teeth I slapped the photo onto his desk loudly. His eyes snapped to it and he tensed up.

"Her name is Courtney Richardson and she was taken by hunters" I informed him. That's right folks Alec's firts mate is Courtney the rude girl that was in the cell next to me and Annie all that time ago.

"How do you know this?"

"Oh, I know a lot like I know for instance she's a bitch and there is not a strand of compassion in her body and I also know where they might be keeping her" I said and he growled loudly.

"She is not a bitch how dare you and how would you know where she is?" He snarled.

"I've been kidnapped by hunters remember I just so happened to have seen her and she wasn't the nicest person when I met her"  I said and he fell back down into his chair.

"Are you positive you know where she is?"

"There might be a chance she's still there where we were kept. They change the location a lot but that one is their favorite you could say. And they probably moved them after I escaped but they might and I mean might be there. It's worth a shot" I said.

"Okay let's go" he stood up.

"Whoa don't you like need a plan?"

"No, I bust in kill everything in my path and rescue my mate" he said determination rolling out of each of his pores.

"You know you could've had her by now if you'd just listened to me earlier" I said and he froze.

"Right sorr-"

"Safe it Alec" I walked past him and to my bedroom.

"Where are you going you need to take us there?" He said.

"I'm going to fetch the bag of clothes I had packed for her. She might need it" I said soflty and left him standing in his office. Grabbing the big backpack I walked outside only to find five SUV's already running outside full of men.

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