Um.. Hi. My name's Melissa Raymond. I'm 15 years old and go to Delrose High School in Miami, Florida. I was born on the 24th of May... I'm Haitian, African, Trinidadian, French, and just a little Columbian.

I'm different you can say in a bad way to other people. Ummm. I have color changing eyes. When I'm happy they're brown when I'm sad they're blue - grey. Yeah... They're grey most of the time The only happiness in my life is God, friends, and music. I'm bullied everyday by Chresanto August, Jacob Perez , Rayon Smith and Craig Crippen. Sadly, everyone thinks they're super sweet guys. It's true...when they're not with or around me. They hate me. I don't know why though.

My family is quite famous, I guess. My mom is Nicki Minaj, but she's always on tour but she said she would take a little break to spend time with me. My "dad" left her back 99' when he learned she was pregnant. Now all he does call her, asking her back. She did agree to letting him see me, but when we met up he was expecting a boy and totally disowned me. When my Mom figured that out she cursed him out and blocked his number. She took care of me until 2009, that's when her career lifted off. She left me with a nanny and a butler who have been nothing but nice to me. And at the end of the day, they've become my family.

The one reason why I don't invite people to my home or tell them about my mom, is cause I don't want fake friends. I'm out of school sometimes only because my mom invites me over to some parties. Or maybe to go shopping with her. My life outside of school is almost great, but the sadness impacts me a lot. So at home, I lock myself in my room do my homework and just listen to music. Sometimes I dance at my mom's studio, just to let loose and stop being stiff.

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