As Breach Point: Infusion slowly inches toward completion (sorry it's taking so long!) I've decided to post the first five chapters here as a preview. A new chapter will go up every day.

Please keep in mind if you're reading this preview that the full version of Infusion won't be posted here on Wattpad - it'll only be for sale (eBook and paperback, just like the first one) once it's finished. So please don't read this if you're expecting the full story here. I don't want to torture my fellow Wattpaders!

Also, in case you missed it, there's an eight year jump between the original Breach Point and Infusion, so Clara is now 24 years old. There will be an even bigger time jump between Infusion and Cataclysm, the final part of the trilogy. I've started plotting that one out and I'm really excited to finish Infusion so I can start writing the concluding part. It's going to get dark... really dark...

Please feel free to leave feedback. One big thing I'd like to know is if you're a regular reader of YA and especially if you're a teenager yourself, how you feel about reading a book like this where the main character has aged out of their teenage years and into young adulthood. Is seeing that progression interesting? Boring? Something in between, maybe depending on the story itself? I thought about that a lot while working on Infusion and I'm curious to know how you feel about it.

Thanks for reading!

– Steve


The red convertible pulled into the convenience store parking lot and slid into an empty spot – a little too fast for Clara's taste. Thumping music continued from car's stereo for a few seconds until two girls – both blonde, both grinning mindlessly – jumped out. Clara guessed that they were in high school, though college wasn't out of the question. It's getting harder to tell, she thought.

The convertible's driver caught her own reflection in the store's tinted window and made an unnecessary adjustment to the angle of her shorts. Her passenger pulled a band from her wrist and tied her hair back into a stylish ponytail. The driver gave a verbal approval that Clara couldn't quite hear, causing the passenger to giggle in response. Definitely high school, Clara thought as she got out of her green hatchback. She pushed her sunglasses up on top of her head and made her way across the parking lot.

As she entered, Clara took a quick glance around the store. After a few tense moments she spotted the line of simmering coffee pots and made her way over. Thank you, she thought as she read the handwritten flavors: Caramel Mocha, Blueberry, Swiss Almond, Vanilla Hazelnut. The convenience store was typical of Santa Fe's suburbs – a boring faux-Pueblo veneer slapped over a tacky, standard retail market shell. Still, the place had its charms. She filled a 24 oz. cup with Dark Roast, slapped on a lid, grabbed a package of off-brand doughnuts, and walked toward the front counter.

Clara stepped into line behind an older man in the middle of what seemed to be a texting battle with his wife. With a grunt, he stepped out of line and headed down the nearest aisle. Guess he forgot something, she thought. She moved forward and realized that she was now directly behind the high school girls.

Clara peeked into the passenger's basket and saw tubes of sunscreen, matching hot pink bandanas, a six pack of energy drinks, low calorie pouches of mixed nuts, and two garish pairs of fake designer sunglasses. She also noticed something she hadn't seen earlier – both girls were wearing volunteer t-shirts from A Standing Shelter, with the organization's logo of two figures erecting a stylized house above the tagline "One Community Serving All People". And they'd both tied their shirts up in the back, exposing their midriffs. Classy, Clara thought.

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