under reconstruction

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needles shot into sunflower seeded veins swimming with a slimy sweetness or smiling stickers pasted on her face from the one slipping from french infused peeling nails pressing past cardboard lips stiffly sliding past fiberglass teeth and bursting on a chalky white tongue and down a electrical wired throat legs spread wide open like her eyes could never be dreams cut into laced table cloths as she will sink down to her knees, sink into a haze of simmering apples and cinnamon wondering when the little bird will burst from it's house and let her know she can leave now and it's over now for now atleast, its only afterwards her momma's pride and joy sunflowers start to bloom in her heart when she sneaks in her best friend's bed, one of the few places she does not need to act out a scene her body a puppet with a pretty dress and dresses are not required here so- petals swelling to life aganist each other cherry stems spun into knots hands knotting up the sunflower sheets this is true haven so why does so many people says its sin?

"young l a d y, you're not supposed to break down walls while braiding cherry stems with girls"

"young l a d y, you are supposed to love god, not girls."

why can't she love both?

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