Chapter 17

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Upon rereading Katrynn's letter three times, the two girls rushed to the board and studied it again with the name in mind. Nothing seemed to connected to Katrynn's research. However, swept away in the excitement of the moment, Brittainy copied Katrynn's words into large letters and pinned the note carefully onto the board. To the girls' surprise, when they told Mistress Hilda-Beth, who often dropped by Chrystyna's Tower every other afternoon to ensure that it was being adequately cleaned, the woman frowned. After rereading Katrynn's missive, the blonde-haired Mistress-in-Training disappeared immediately without even checking the windowsills for dust.

"I need to talk to Master Geoffrey about this," she had told the girls absently before she left. "Stay here and don't move either of you until I return."

Brittainy raised her hand. "What if I have to go to the washroom?"

Mistress Hilda-Beth closed her eyes, and then opened them again and glanced upward at the ceiling. Without a further word, the woman turned about and descended the stairs.

"I guess you will just have to hold it in," Chrystyna noted. "Where do you think she's going?"

"There's something about that note," Brittainy sighed. "I feel terrible for not understanding why it's important."

"Do you think we'll get a low mark?"


The girls waited. A few hours later, when the sun had begun to set in the sky and the girls' stomachs were beginning to make growly noises, Mistress Hilda-Beth and Master Geoffrey's heads appeared at the landing. Arms laden with paperwork and four paper bags, the two adults rearranged the table. From the paper bags, a delicious smell wafted.

"Gravy sausages," Master Geoffrey said, "with chips. You girls need a break after a long afternoon of hard work."

"I hope it was a long afternoon of hard work," Mistress Hilda-Beth said with a warning note to her voice.

"It was," Chrystyna reassured them quickly. "I was able to read ahead."

"I got all my homework done," Brittainy added in slightly shocked tones as though the fact that she had finished her work was even a surprise to her.

"I am sure your teachers will be happily surprised," smiled Mistress Hilda-Beth.

"More like faint with shock," chuckled Master Geoffrey. "But what we really need to talk about is our next step of investigation."

"Which needs to take place tonight," Mistress Hilda-Beth added. "Your teammates, Master Colin, and Mistress Athylee are returning the day after tomorrow, so I think it would be best for us to finish our work before we have our final meeting."

"Tonight?" breathed Brittainy, eyes shining. "We are going to go on a night mission?"

"We're short on time," Master Geoffrey explained. "I did some research this afternoon in the public library and archives. Last time we researched, our reading selection was quite focused. This afternoon I widened the search – and our initial findings at the party are fairly supported."

"So..." Chrystyna said thoughtfully. "There is something else going on?"

"I think so," Master Geoffrey nodded. "Your instincts were correct. However, as we learned, the Guildmaster is not behind it. The man – Taryth Sadon – has no personal ambition in regards to social climbing. His finances are clean and he is quite well off."

"He doesn't want to be in Karrowyn either?" asked Brittainy. "Some people think it is better to have a title and land even if it isn't a good title or nice land."

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