Chapter 16

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When Mistress Hilda-Beth and Master Geoffrey met with the girls the following day, the two adults looked more thoughtful and subdued than angry, which surprised the girls. Brittainy and Chrystyna glanced at each other and shrugged. I wonder what Headmaster Amarost said, Chrystyna mused. Headmaster Amarost must be a very powerful person.

"It seems as though we have underestimated your capabilities," Master Geoffrey sat down with the two girls at the table in Chrystyna's Tower. Behind him, Mistress Hilda-Beth set down their 'team teapot' and poured some boiling water from a large metal kettle she had brought up with her. "The Headmaster... spoke with us, and I think that both Mistress Hilda-Beth and I are going to... We are going to do our best to help you girls become the assassins we believe you can be."

"We won't try to steal things," Brittainy quickly assured the adults. "Chrystyna and I learned our lesson."

"I think the Headmaster is a very powerful person," Chrystyna spoke her mind, "so he's a bit scary. I don't want to go back to the Office again."

"You won't be going back to the Office any time soon," Mistress Hilda-Beth said giving the girls a small smile. "You two learned your lesson, I hope."

"We did," the girls chorused fervently.

"So, onto the next matter. Mistress Hilda-Beth and I discussed what our next course of action should be – and the most obvious one is attending the Duchess Trelawney's Lower House Tea Party."

"Lower House Tea Party?" asked Chrystyna.

"It's a tea party for the Lower Houses of Doran's Court," explained Master Geoffrey. "Merchants and Guildmasters and high-level artisans-"

"People who make things," Mistress Hilda-Beth interjected as explanation.

"Yes, those kinds of people also attend."

"It's quite different from the Higher House socials. Brittainy and her father will attend as themselves, and Chrystyna will go as Brittainy's maid."

"You get to dress up!" Brittainy pouted a little. "I wish I could dress up too."

"You will be dressed up," Chrystyna pointed out. "Don't most people dress up to go to parties?"

"Just in their ordinary clothes," Brittainy sighed.

"It doesn't look ordinary to me," Chrystyna said.

"At any rate," Geoffrey sighed. "Mistress Hilda-Beth and I will go separately and meet you there. We'll be undercover. Mistress Hilda-Beth will be visiting an in-town cousin. Her name is going to be the same as last time: Miss Beryl Abernethy. I'll be going with a wig and a different kind of suit – as Mister Will Hyatt."

Master Geoffrey stopped as he noticed that Brittainy's eyes had gotten a little glazed and Chrystyna looked a little lost. Rubbing his eyes, Master Geoffrey stifled a sigh.

"I'll write the information down. You need to memorize it by tonight. The day after tomorrow, Tiwes Da, we'll be going to a Lower House Tea Party, and we'll see what we can find out about the Textile Guildmaster Taryth Sadon. Alright?"

The girls nodded silently. Master Geoffrey and Mistress Hilda-Beth exchanged glances. Brittainy, noticing their looks, contemplated the boards of information and the stacks of homework before them. I guess I can't blame them for being pessimistic, she thought. But we will show them! We can be good assassin apprentices too!

 But we will show them! We can be good assassin apprentices too!

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