Kenny x angel/demon!reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling~

~ Your POV~

Today was my first day of South Park elementary school, I only came here to do a job for my boss, I have to watch out of this kid... What's his name again...?

Kenny that's his name.

So I was walking the halls and went to the office and done all of that and went to class, I opened the door and everyone looked in my direction "Great we got another one, introduce yourself and sit next Kenny" the teacher said and a handsome boy with an orange parka and dirty blonde hair put his hand up and I blush lightly because of his appearance.

"Fine I'm (y/n) (l/n)" I said bluntly. Everyone looked at me as I walk towards my seat, I sat down and put my feet up on the table

"Hey why are you glowing and why do you have angel and... demon wings?" I'm to shocked to say anything the heat rushes to my cheek to replicate a tomato.

My thoughts were rushing around my head give me a headache 'how can he see my wings!! That's impossible...only if he is an angel' I look over at Kenny, he had a broken halo and two broken wings... I felt so sorry for him, he was immortal they are very rare angels... only God OR Satan can give immortality, but me and Kenny are sort of the same but I'm half angel and half demon...the reason for this is god AND Satan gave me immortality so now I have devil horns, a halo and demomonic angel wings.

Kenny has to stay of earth forever but me I have to do jobs for Satan and god forever' Kenny just stared at me "Can I talk to you after class alone?" I said to Kenny and he just nodded and I sighed with relief.


After class Kenny met me in the hall "How do you have wings?" He said

"Maybe because I'm an angel/demon and I can see you wings" I replied

"yeah I'm...." I cut him off saying

"Yes I know who are you Kenny McCormick, an immortal angel giving by Satan with broken wings that cannot enter heaven nor hell and every time you die no one can remember your death the next day" I said looking at the blonde

He stood there shocked "How do you know so much...about me" he said pointing his finger at me

"Because Kenny I'm your guardian angel sent from god to protect you" i said with a light blush.

"So why me? Why do you have to protect me?" He said confused with a dark blush

"Because Satan wants to play tricks on you again, he wants to put you in his army to finally defeat god and since your immortal... your more powerful than other demons" I explained not missing a single detail.

" you have to be with me until... when?" He said

"Until Satan gives up...which might be a while..." I replied blushing. "Ok cool......join me for lunch" he said blushing too, I nodded to his question and walked beside him to the cafeteria.

The lunch in the cafeteria is gross, but at least I'm with Kenny and God is going to kill me for having a crush on Kenny... That was the number one rule NEVER like your protector, I was sitting with Kenny at him table "What the fuck is the new girl doing on our table" a chubby boy said

"because she is cool and I let her fatass" Kenny said with pink cheeks after eating and talking for a while a slightly chubby boy with chestnut brown hair came up to me

"Hey babe want to came over to my house to have some fun?" he said wiggling his eyebrows.

"Fuck off Clyde she's off limits, she's mine!! Go find our own" He yelled at the boy, I was a blushing mess

"Whatever McCormick, she will be mine" he said walking away.

Kenny looked at me and said "(y/n) I know we just meet but I love you and we will live forever together"

I was speechless but managed to say "I love you too Kenny but we are not allowed to be together" I said frowning

"I don't care, they would have to kill me first" I laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

He grabbed my chin and kissed me on the lips, now we will live forever together.

~Maybe a part two?? When god gets pissed and Satan gets Kenny??? It's a suggestion but if wanted. I'll write it. ~

((WORD COUNT: 753))

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