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Soon after Usami appeared and introduced herself, i realized i was laying on the warm, sandy beach.
"You okay?" I heard ibuki say. "You seem really out of it right now      (y/n) chan." She popped into my line of sight, again under her hand.
"Eugh. Why are you always the one to wake me up Mioda?"
"I just am!"
"And why are you always ducking under your hand?"
"Cause i feel like it!"
"Good point."

I let out a big sigh and open my eyes. And of course, it's just my luck that a gust of wind passed by and blew sand in my eyes. I just sat there for a second, contemplating what just happened. And then the pain set in.

from what i barely saw Ibuki was trying to hold in laughter, but failed miserably, as i could hear her burst into laughter. I somehow got to the point where i was sitting on my knees, covering my eyes in a feeble attempt to reduce the pain. I hear a small gasp and footsteps on the sand.

"Hey! Are you okay?"
I lift my head up, and slightly open my eyes. I see a red-headed girl holding her hand out to me. I take it and she helps me up.
"We should probably go wash your eyes out."
"Not with bleach i assume?"
"Pff. What does that mean?"
"Just a joke."

The girl helps me over to the kitchen and turns on the kitchen sink.
"Im guessing you can wash out your own eyes."
"That's a weird sentence now that i think about it"
I feel around and duck my head into the sink, turn it on, and slowly open my eyes.

Le time-skip because describing washing your eyes out is gross. -Author Chan. 2017-

Everybody had set out to explore the island, including me. after i had washed out my eyes, Ibuki kept bugging me about how "funny" that was, so i left her alone for now and started to explore by my self. Not very funny to me...

I had decided on exploring around the airport because it was a really hot day, and the airport was cold inside... i like the cold.
I entered the airport and immediately saw two people already here. A pink haired guy and that dork from earlier. Don't judge my word choices. HE IS A TOTAL DORK.

I start looking around the airport. I spot a bookshelf, and immediately  make a beeline straight towards it. I love books if you cannot tell. My eyes quickly scanned over all of the books, looking for any hint of harry potter. Hmmmmmm...
I yell, way over-dramatically, falling to my knees and making the other two people jump.

"What happened?"the pink haired kid asked
"There are no harry potter books" i almost whined.
I sadly nodded my head and slowly stood up. I smoothed out my skirt and looked at one of the other bookshelves.
"Tch. Imbecile."
Something in my chest stung as i heard him say that. Why though?

Sorry if this chapter was bad XD. i wanted to make a funnier chapter here so i just added the harry potter thing. (Also cause i love harry potter)    :3

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