School was alright and I didn't have to worry about knocking into anyone as everybody kept a full 3 meters away from me. It kinda hurt my feelings, but hey I'd do the same thing if I was in there shoes. Lunch was going by rather smoothly until some Crypt who was visiting his old chemistry teacher ran into the freshman Blood who's jaw I had broken.

They stared eachother down and in a blink of an eye the Crypt pulled out a gun. Half the people in the room got down while a quarter of them were stupid enough to run and the others were standing or sitting too confused or scared to actually move.

What I found so amusing was that DUDE we've all been in fights before and quite a few people have killed before. I clenched my hands at that thought. Why the hell are you scared of a stinking gun? "Oh" I said. Light bulb. I looked over to Julia who looked like she had just seen a man boil puppies alive.

Corina and Hannah crouched on the side of the table peering over ever so slightly. I grabbed Julia's arm and put a finger to her lips. "If she has a panic attack we're all screwed". The school guards had been watching silently and were standing by the door. I saw Hannah roll her eyes. I knew exactly what she was thinking. "A few guys with tasers vs. a gun. Hmmm yup more worried about the gun."

I heard the Crypt load the gun and the Blood tensed. Just when he was about to shoot we were interupted by....."Honey got a booty like pow,pow,pow. Honey got some boobies like Wow, oh wow. *beep*". "Sorry"! Some kid called out. My grandma's calling me". Everyone turned to the direction of the voice and then the gaurds sprung.

Some people started screaming and everyone ran. I pushed Julia out the south exit and I saw Hannah and Corina exit silently. Some people were running around the cafeteria getting chased by the guards. I went back to the table and finished my food. "What? It's not like I'm gonna let perfectly good food go to waste". I thought.

I was halfway through eating my Creme Brulee when a guard stood next to me. I raised an eyebrow at him and he walked away.  Some kids were on the floor flopping like fish. "Damn, we got some powerful tasers in this school". *Ding, ding,ding*.

I was in my English class with my face buried in a magazine about the best movies of 2011 hidden inside some book we were supposed to be reading "War and Peace". We all looked up as the Intercom turned on. "Attention students, I would like all Seniors to report to the Auditorium at this time. All seniors to the auditorium". Some guy from the Kenyan Mafia groaned and said "What the hell does that damn midget man want"?

Some people laughed but I didn't see what was so funny. I got up using the desk for support and walked out. The other leaders joined me and we all walked down the hall. Students made way for us too afraid of what we could do to them if they pissed us of. We all piled in the room and sat down. The leaders had first row seats right in the middle and a little ahead from the rest of the students. We sat in our gold satin seated chairs and waited on the principal.

I closed my eyes and put my head back and overheard some things I could have gone my whole life wothout knowing. "So I heard some MS-13 member is gonna join our school. Yea? I heard he was here to watch somebody who was a former MS-13 member working in another gang now. Damn, why do you think he left? Don't know but looks like things will finally be shaking up around here".

I clenched and unclenched my fists trying to keep calm. "Damn Mara Salvatrucha"!!! I thought over and over. "Just wait, when you come here I'm going to personally find out which members killed my parents and I will beat them down until they beg for mercy". I was taken aback by the thought I had. I never think like that.

"Ahem, Good afternoon students. I do not want to take up too much time so here I go. For the past few years students at this school have been acting up a little too much and so the higher ups think it would be a good idea to see how well you could perform in the real world if for some reason your parents er work went down the drain". "YOU THREATENING US"? ''Oh dear, no my boy. I was just saying theoretically. Anyhow we think it would be best to see how you would behave under normal circumstances". "Such as...."Corina asked raising an eyebrow. "You will all be attending a normal high school for a month". "WHAT"! Everyone yelled.

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