The chip was the only thing that mattered to my father, I didn't know what information was held on it, but I knew that it was very important to him. When I was still living at home, he told me that if something were ever to go wrong, if he were to die or he disappeared; I needed to fly to Switzerland and retrieve his property in box 0121.

            That's when it hit me.

            "You're connected to him, I know it." I said as Harry tightened the knots on my wrists.

            He had tied me to a chair, back in the white room where I had first been, just how I had arrived.

            "You know nothing." Harry said.

            "Just the only thing you need." I replied.

            "And I'm going to get out of you."

            "By torturing me."

            "You're catching on!" He exclaimed sarcastically.

            "Well before you start, I need to pee."

            "Pee in the seat."

            "That's very unladylike."

            "You're not much of a lady Heather."

            "At least give me the chance to release my bladder before you beat me."

            He sighed and grabbed a pair of handcuffs and kept them at his side as he knelt down to undo the knots.

            "Ooh," I moaned, inching closer to him, "This would be a real good time to have some aggressive sex. You could tie me up, cuff me..." I suggested, but I was really thinking of a way to knock him unconscious so I could escape this.

            "Shut up Heather, there's no way out. I've locked us in."

            "So not even you can get out?"

            "No, hence why I said I've locked us in."

            I sighed and rolled my eyes, "Fuck it. Stop untying me I don't have to pee."

            "Figured." He groaned, retying the knots.

            "What if you kill me?"

            "Then you die."

            "But what happens then?"

            "Well some fellow believers think your soul flies up to heaven."

            "I didn't mean that."

            "I know."

            "So you kill me and then what?"

            "That's the end of your life... jeez Heather didn't people tell you how this works?"

            "Actually no, they didn't say anything about this when I volunteered to become a hostage!" I said sarcastically.

            "I'll try not to kill you."

            "Thanks for the reassurance."

            He finished tying them and momentarily left from my view.

            I waited for several minutes until he returned with a table and a black bag. He set up the table and placed the bag on top, unzipping it and pulled out its containments.