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I rolled onto my side as I looked at my nightstand, my hands were shaking as my hands grasped onto the cold drawer handle. I slid the drawer open and looked inside to find a switchblade.

My hand shakily grabbed it, pulling it out of the drawer and closed it back up. My finger slid to a button on the side of the handle, I pushed my finger onto it, making a blade come of the top.

I took a deep breath as I slowly pushed it against my scarred wrist. Blood slowly spilled out of it as the blade slit across it in a slow pace. The blade moved down my wrist, as it pressed down again slitting it once more making more blood spill out of the skin.

I grabbed a nearby tissue, dabbing the blood, making me hiss in pain. I quickly wiped the blood off as there were footsteps coming up the stairs in a fast and heavy pace. I quietly put the blade back in the drawer before I cleaned off all the blood off my wrist.

The door slammed open to reveal a drunk Gerald, his hair was messed up, there was a bottle of alcohol on his hand as his other hand wiped some alcohol off his lips that were chapped.

My bottom lip tucked under my teeth as my teeth pressed down on my lip hard." The hell are you doing up so early? You're supposed to be asleep, it's two in the morning." He said groaning as he pulled his belt off his pants.

"I um couldn't sleep." I said sitting up." Well then just close your damn eyes and I'll make you fall asleep then." G said making the belt do a slapping sound. Tears came rolling down my already red cheeks," I'll go to sleep Gerald I promise."

I fixed the blanket that was covering me and lied down again." Now now now, what the fuck did you just call me? Gerald, huh? Do you even fucking remember what I said for you to call me? Huh?"

"Yes I remember." I whispered slamming my eyes shut tightly." Then say it." He said setting the bottle down on the ground. I bit my quivering lips not wanting to say it. He grabbed my face harshly making me look at him," Say it bitch!"

"Daddy." I said looking into his dark eyes." Say it again." He said licking his chapped lips." Daddy." I whispered, my eyes looking down at the floor." Say it louder so I can hear you God damn it!" He yelled grabbing the bottle from off the ground.

"Daddy!" I yelled staring at the now empty alcohol bottle that he just finished." Now I want you to say that when I am working with you." "W-wait what? What the hell does that mean?" I said trying to get out of bed.

"What the fuck do you think it means doll face?" He asked. My lips began quivering again as I started crying getting out of bed," No no no please no! It hurts! It hurts so fucking bad!" I screamed.

Gerald shoved me into bed beginning to take all my clothes off. He tied my wrists together and tied my legs to the bed so they were spread out. G took his boxers and shirt off, he positioned himself to my vagina as he shoved himself in.

I screamed in pain," Stop please stop!" I screamed loudly. He began pumping himself in and out of me in a fast pace making me scream louder in pain. I tried to get up but my wrists and legs were tied up to the bed. Hundreds of tears poured down my face as I sobbed.

All that was on my mind, was that there blood coming out of my vagina and pain. So much fucking pain. It was all that was in my body, my stomach began having butterflies and knots.

My head began to ache as even more pain rushed though my body as he began thrusting onto my body, still making himself pumping in and out of me as his body slammed onto mine. It was painful, I was sobbing, I felt like blood was rolling down my cheeks because of how warm my tears were.

But then, the tears began to become cold, freezing cold. My cheeks began freezing up too, now my whole body was freezing, I couldn't feel pain anymore. Darkness filled my vision to wear I eventually became unconscious.

I opened my eyes, only brightness surrounded me, my eyes eventually adjusted to the bright light as there were three doors in front of me. My left eyebrow raised, as I opened the door to some stairs.

I picked my right foot up making it step onto the first step. My feet began moving up the stairs, all around me there was darkness now, except for the stairs, they were pure white. There was a huge door at the top of the stairs.

As I finally made it to the huge and wide doors, they opened up slowly to reveal more brightness. My eyes once again adjusted to the light, as I saw someone, it was my brother, he killed himself when I was ten years old. He was seventeen when he killed himself and my mother forced him to join the army even though he was too young.

"Brian?" I asked as I went up to him." Hello y/n." He smiled, his cute dimples showing. I hugged him tightly beginning to sob into his shoulder." I thought I would never see you again. I missed you so much." I cried.

"It's ok now, we're together, I'll never leave you again." He kissed my forehead softly." I love you Brian."  I smiled." I love you more little sis." He smiled more." I told you to never see that boyfriend of yours again, you know, Gerald."

"He wouldn't let me go." I looked at the ground. Brian raised my chin," You're free now, were both free. Nothing will ever hurt you again." He gently grabbed my hand, then we walked together into the brightness of Heaven.

(A/N wow I almost fucking cried after writing that God damn it)

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