;chapter ten

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Alaska's pov
I woke up by a light flashing in my face. I opened my eyes to see Joey videoing me. "Joey. stop!" I said & put a pillow over my face. he laughed then the light went off so I took the pillow off my face.

"why were u videoing me?" "you look so cute." he said showing me the video then he put it on his sc story. "ew no."

I got up & went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, & went pee. when I came out of the bathroom I sat beside Joey on the couch.

only Joey, Loren & I were up at the moment because it was only 9:30am.

"why'd u wake me up so early?" the show doesn't start until 3 so I didn't understand. "well i didn't know u were gonna wake up while i was videoing u."-J. "yeah because a bright light flashing in my face is barely noticeable." i said sarcastically.

"well since you're up, I have to film a YouTube video & u can be in it."-J. "ok." "so get ready. I want to do this as quick as possible cause I don't wanna be doing this all day." he said pushing me up. "ok ok." I changed ⬇️

& did my hair then walked to the back room where Joey was waiting for me

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& did my hair then walked to the back room where Joey was waiting for me.

"ok let's go." he said pulling me to sit beside him.

"hey what's up you guys? it's Joey back with another video." he said doing his intro. "so today I have a special guest with me..."-J. "Ally!"-J. I waved. "so today we'll be doing the 'never have I ever' challenge. so let's go." he said & pulled out his phone.

"never have I ever gave someone a hickey." Joey said & put a finger down as I blushed. he winked at me then continued.

"never have I ever gotten a hickey."-J. we both put a finger down.

"never have I ever smoked weed or cigarettes."-J. we both kept our fingers up.

"never have I ever grinded on someone." Joey said & put a finger down.

"these are all things that Ally would never do."-J. "hey! are you calling me lame cause I never do anything?" "yeah."-J. "that's so not true." "yea it is."-J. "no. you're just dirty." "that's not true. prove it."-J.

I grabbed Joey's phone from him & looked for a dirty never have I ever. I found a good one & read it out. "never have I ever gone skinny dipping." I looked at him & raised my eyebrow. he looked down & said "that's only one question."-J. I grabbed his hand & put a finger down. "ok whatever."-J.

we answered a couple more 'never have I ever' questions so by the time we were all done, everyone was up.

"what are we doing now?" I asked Joey. "everyone's just getting ready for the meet & greet."-J.

"oh guess what!" "what?"-J. "my 2 of friends are coming to the m&g! i'm so excited to see them." "oh that's great!"-J. "ik."
—– *skip to arriving at the venue* ——
we just arrived at the venue & everyone's just chilling in the back room.

"ok guys i'm gonna get you to come over here on the carpet & y'all are just gonna get in a line & the fans are just gonna go from one person to another." a producer guy said. they all agreed & got in line.

Joey was on the end so I sat beside him but farther away so I wasn't intruding on the fans time with him.

they opened the doors so the fans could come inside & I immediately went deaf. all the fans were screaming & crying & they were cute but loud. one girl came over to Joey & asked for a picture with him but as well as me.

I was shocked but of course took the pic with her. we did the pose where Joey & I kissed her cheeks & it was really cute.

once people saw us doing that, other people asked for pictures. i looked at my phone for a minute to see what time it was & when i looked back up, i saw Libby & Abby standing in front of me.

"omg guys!" i said hugging them. "i missed u guys sm!" "we missed u too Ally!"-Abby. "ok stay afterwards & ill get to see u for longer ok?" "ok but first let's get a pic." Libby said taking out her phone. they kissed my cheeks as the pose & then i thanked them & they left.

after the picture part of the meet & greet, there was a signing part.

fans lined up at tables as I sat on the side watching them. one girl lined up in front of me & as soon as others noticed, they did the same thing asking me to sign things.

"oh i'm not- um-" "please!"-fan. "um...ok sure." the girl looked so excited when I said yes so did it for other fans that lined up for me.

after the signing part, the lines started to fade so I went to line up as the last girl in Joey's line. once I got up to him I pretended to be a fan.

"omg! you're Joseph Matthew Birlem! can I have your autograph?!" I asked excited. "what are you doing?" Joey asked confused. "i'm your biggest fan. can I please get your autograph?!" "sure." he said playing along.

he signed my hand then asked if I wanted a pic. "sure." "what pose?"-J. "could you kiss my cheek?" I asked pretending to be shy. "I can do better than that." he said kissing me on the lips.

I snapped a picture then walked to the back & said "thanks" & winked back at him. he grabbed my hand & stopped me.

"I don't think you know how attractive you're being."-J. he said getting closer to me. "how many fans have you said this to?" I said still playing along. "you're the first." he said getting only inches away from my face. "& last." I said before kissing him. he smiled into the kiss which made me smile.

Basically everyone was cleared out except for a few girls who were wandering around, about to leave. i spotted Libby & Abby & brought Joey over to them.

"Joey, meet my best friends Libby & Abby." "Libby, Abby, meet my boyfriend Joey." i said introducing them. "hi." joey said smiling. "hey" they both said back.

"hey guys" Blake said walking over with Mark. "hey, meet Libby & Abby, my best friends from here." "oh hey." blake said winking at Libby. "hi." mark said to Abby. they both blushed a lot.

after our little convo, i had to say bye to them for a while again :(
———— *back on the bus* ————
I was looking through my notifs on ig & saw that I was tagged in a bunch of posts. I looked at some of them & the captions were like "parents", "mom & dad" & "best couple around" aw they're so cute. I liked a few then put my phone down.


posted a longer one for u guys since my last one was so short haha

anyways gotta go study for finals😒 hope u enjoyed! love all y'all bye xx

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