Fate Meets Again

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It was dark. The stars sparkled with the bright moon. I was on my leave back to the Palace with lady Choi. Though I still thought about Ban Ryu.

"Lady Choi.." I softly spoke.

"Yes, my Lady?"

"Would you think I would see Ban Ryu again..? Would fate let us meet once again?"

"I am not sure.."

I sighed and covered myself with my sseugae chima. We then entered through the Palace doors.

~The Next Day~

"Princess, are you awake?" Lady Choi called through the doors. "Princess Mi-Suk?"

I groaned and got up. "I'm up!.. Aish." I rubbed my face and got out of my bed as two maids and Lady Choi walked inside.

"There is a meeting that your Highness needs to attend to." Lady Choi begun.

"And what is that..?" I questioned her, as I let the maids dress me into my hanbok.

"A meeting with the Queen

"A meeting with the Queen." 

"Royal Queen Mother?" I blinked.

"Royal Queen Mother?" I blinked

"Yes, your Highness."

After they finished dressing me and applying my make-up, I walked out towards the Queens' Quarters.

"Announce my arrival." I told one of the Queen's lady. She nodded and began.

"Your Highness, the Princess is here."

The doors opened and I entered. "Queen Mother." I bowed, then realizing that Lee Hwa Kong/Rang was also in the room.

" I bowed, then realizing that Lee Hwa Kong/Rang was also in the room

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