3. Bonfires and Secrets

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I stumbled off the ride, Zayn holding my shoulders to keep me up. Laughing at me, the boys earned a glare in all of their directions until they finally sobered up and we walked along the rides. Okay, Gravatron? Not a fan. That ride had me spinning out of control and made me feel like my head would explode from all of the constant motion. The boys, on the other hand, took my hatred of the ride as amusing and forced me to go on with them.

Never again.

"I'm going to get a bite to eat," Liam chirped.

"Me too," Louis and Harry choroused.

I nodded, dismissing them as Niall, Zayn, and I continued to walk through the crowds of people and eventually reach the Ferris Wheel. Waiting in line, we all joked around about getting stuck at the top and jumping from cart to cart until we reached the bottom. Really, it was all nonsense, but it helped pass time. When we were in the front of the line, all three of us hopped in a four-seat cart, two seats across from another two.

Zayn sat beside me, Niall across from us wiggling his eyebrow suggestively. I laughed as the ferris wheel beginning to move slowly and rythmically around before stopping halfway up so somebody new could get on the cart. Our cart suddenly shook as I snapped my gaze to Niall, who was thrashing around violently in an attempt to sway the cart. Soon Zayn joined him as I held onto the side of the cart, looking at the boys wide-eyed.

"You're going to get us killed!" I cried, my grip tightening to the cold metal cart.

Zayn watched me amusedly. "What, Rose is afraid of heights?"

"No, I'm afraid of being in a shaking cart while I'm far away from the ground." I deadpanned, putting on a pout. "Please stop?"

"What was that? I couldn't hear you over the shaking cart." Zayn answered teasingly, cupping his ear and leaning towards me.

The Ferris Wheel began moving again, and the boys chuckled while stopping. Once again, it stopped - but this time, it stopped at the top. We all high-fived, proud of being at the very top as Zayn started thrashing about again. Scared, I slipped to my knees and crawled across the small space in between the two rows of seats and managed to get to Niall. Holding onto him for dear life, I felt him vibrate with chuckles.

Zayn pouted this time, "What, you'd rather go to Niall than me?"

I glared at him, "Because he isn't trying to get us killed, and you are. Duh."

Both boys now took their turn with laughing as Niall slung an arm around my shoulder casually, an attempt at comforting me. We all fell into a surprisingly easy conversation as Zayn stopped with shaking the cart, allowing me to relax more and let go of my tight hold on Niall. After five minutes, though, the wheel still hadn't moved. Cautiously, I looked over the end and saw a group of people surrounding the controls.

Both boys joined me in looking over the edge. What the hell were they doing? Around me, I noticed people were looking as well with confused expressions and even started screaming down at the group of people for what was going on. Someone got a microphone as the background music stopped playing, one man stepping out of the circle of workers and tilting his head up to look at us sheepishly and apologetically.

"We're experiencing some technical difficulties," The guy said. "We'll be figuring out how to fix it soon, however, so just hang tight up there."


Just wow.

"So we're just supposed to sit up here and do nothing while they try to fix their shitty control system?" I muttered.

Zayn chuckled, "Or we can jump from cart to cart down to the bottom," He joked, and then seriously offered, "We can just hang out. Maybe play a game?"

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