Calm The Fire: 12

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“May we,” Náriel gestured to the corridor, Thorin merely nodded, the two of them commenced walking again, only a little slower. “I had a dream, one which has unsettled me.” She said simply, her eyes glazed over slightly. She jumped when a hand was placed on her shoulder and she was pulled to a stop. She looked at Thorin confused, he nodded over to one of the many balconies which were scattered about the mountain.

“Do you wish to talk about it?” He sat down on the stony bench, Náriel sat down slowly beside him. She swept her teal coloured dress skirt out of the way and tucked it underneath her legs as she did so.

“There's a field. A plain field, with crisp green grass, it bends in the breeze and I feel so at peace. I’ve never seen such a field of grass which gleamed in the light. You're there,” she said, Thorin raised an interested eyebrow at her. “Well...I can't see you, but you're there, I can hear you. Then the sun vanishes behind the clouds and darkness comes. I cannot see anything, and the silence, the silence which accompanies this darkness is deafening. Yet not so deafening; I can still hear you.” This seemed to make her smile amused. “With the darkness comes the fire, and in that flash of light which blinds me I see you, then you're gone. I’ve never had a dream of fire and shadows. Nor do I tend to dream of people dying.” She leant back against the bench. “It was so vivid. It could have happened.” Tilting her head to the side, her eyes narrowed thoughtfully. “It was awful, if I’m going to be completely honest with you.” Her voice trailed off, “I've never felt so helpless, even though it never happened.”

“But that still does not mean it cannot frighten you.” Thorin voiced. In truth he was filled with unease, he didn't much like the sound of his part to play in her dream. He could see though how the dream affected her. Shifting along the seat, he tentatively reached up and put his arm around her shoulders. She was lost in thought she jumped from the contact. “I am here,” he said quietly. “And I’m not going anywhere.”

“You plan on staying out here forever, hm?” She smirked tiredly.

“If you were out here too, then yes, why not?” Náriel nodded slowly and leant her head against his shoulder. “Don't let such a dream bother you, Náriel. The night has a habit of twisting the most innocent of things.”

She tilted her head up slightly to look at him. “You think it means nothing?”

“It was simply a bad dream, nothing more.”

She smiled, shut her eyes and rested her head back against his shoulder. “Thank you.”

“You're welcome,” came the reply while he leant his head on top of hers. “I was trying to find you, earlier on.” Thorin said while moving away from her slightly, Náriel let out a quiet yet childishly sounding annoyed noise. Clearly she had got settled against him, got warm, and subsequently started going to sleep.

Rubbing her eyes she smiled. “Library.”

He gave a nod, “I had got something planned for today. But, if you are not up for it, it does not matter.”

Upon hearing this, Náriel's eyes lit up. “What is it?”

Thorin smiled, retracting his arm from around her and stood. Holding out his hands, he helped her to stand. “I cannot tell you.”

“It's a surprise?”

“That it is.” He held his arm out to her, which she slowly laced her arm with. The two of them turned and walked back into the corridor they were previously walking down.


Thorin was regretting his plan, idea, scheme, suggestion. He wasn't sure what to call it anymore. He never thought in a million years that taking Náriel to Dale would result in her running here, there, and everywhere.

Right at this point in time, he was walking slowly down a street which was bustling with people going about their daily routines. There were small market stalls set up along the way. The vendors of which were calling out to anyone who past, or anyone who even paid them attention. Originally it was these little stalls, and shops, which Thorin thought Náriel would appreciate. There were numerous amounts of small trinkets and precious items which were sold here, only instead of paying attention to these, Náriel instead had quickly rushed off wanting to explore.

Clearly she had thought he was with her, following closely. But he wasn't. Thorin's attention was elsewhere and by the time he turned back to her, she was gone. No trace, nothing.

The people of the town were surprised if not a little confused over him being here, he didn't ponder over their reaction to having the Elf Princess of Mirkwood dashing about in all her excited glory.

In some regards; he was glad she had cheered up. But on a downside, she didn't have to run off. Not long after leaving the balcony back in Erebor, they'd returned to their rooms, collected their cloaks and money purses, and then left. Thorin had managed to avoid the topic of needing an escort for the two of them. Right now he wished he had got one. At least then it'd be two sets of eyes trying to find Náriel, instead of one.

Frowning and shuffling down another street he stopped suddenly. He was near enough giving up on finding her. He honestly did not wish to return to Erebor and explain to anyone, least of all Thranduil, how Náriel was missing in action in Dale. That'd be one awkwardly horrible conversation.

But there she was, kneeling in front of a small child, Náriel pointed from her dress to the one the girl was wearing. It was clear there was a conversation of fashion going on. Thorin raised his eyes to the sky, women's fashion was a topic he naturally knew nothing about.

The girl seemed more keen to the surroundings and the people around her than Náriel, because she noticed him first. Náriel stood and turned to look at him, watching as the girl ran off she slowly walked forwards.


“Afternoon,” Thorin correct simply while crossing his arms.

Náriel entwined her hands behind her back and rocked slowly on her heels. “You're mad.”

“I am not.”



Náriel looked around, then to him, she smiled. “I am sorry for running off.” Thorin raised an eyebrow, smiling again, Náriel side stepped beside him. “I got distracted.”

“Distracted?” He repeated, while giving a small nod. Náriel nodded, “Hm,” humming he turned and started to walk away. Náriel tilted her head to the side and curiously walked after him. “You got distracted by these shops, and stalls? Náriel, that is not why I decided to bring you here.” Thorin glanced down at her. Náriel looked around then back at him curiously waiting for him to continue. When suddenly he stopped, she stopped too. “I bought you here for that.” He nodded forwards and looked to the building in front of them. Náriel looked slowly away from him then followed his line of gaze. She blinked slowly, a watchtower.

Frowning lightly she looked back to Thorin. “Really?”

“Don't sound so sceptical.” Thorin crossed his arms. “Come,” putting an arm around her shoulders he nudged her gently forwards. It was easy enough to get into, the guards positioned inside couldn't turn them away. After steep flights of stairs they finally reached the top.

Walking to the edge, Náriel put her hands on the cold stone in front of her. “Ah,” she said breathlessly from the view, Thorin stepped by her side looking rather content; and perhaps a little smug, over Náriel's sceptical, border lining bored tone from earlier was rendered to speechlessness.


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