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  Mijoo and Jimin up there ^^  


"Trying to escape are we?" Yoongi asked as he exited the bathroom with a towel on his head. I could see that he had a quick shower and was ready to go to bed.

"Why wouldn't I?" I asked as I crossed my arms and glared at him. Yes, I was angry and I didn't care how he would react. "Can you please tell me why you brought me here? I don't even know you!" I said.

"I'll answer your questions soon babe" He smirked and walked towards me.

"Babe?!" I repeated in shock. "You have no right to kidnap me then leave me alone only to force me to sleep with you and call me ba-" I was ranting but he cut me off when he got close enough and leaned towards my mouth.

I tried backing away but was too late as I felt his arm grab my waist. He leaned closer to kiss me but I turned my face to the right causing his lips to land on my cheek. I felt my face warming up even though I was against the situation. Yoongi growled in annoyance and brought his other hand up to my face so he could actually kiss me on the lips.

"N-no" I tried to push him away but his lips were already on mine. He stole my first kiss as his soft lips touched my chapped ones and they moulded together in perfect sync. I didn't kiss him back no matter how much tempted I felt. I've never had a kiss before but I know it isn't supposed to feel this good! He had this warm aura around him making my hands want to go through his hair and tug on it. Real electric shocks passed between our lips as I felt a connection.

But soon I snapped out of my thoughts and realized I was feeling all of this because it was probably my first kiss. His eyes were closed and it looked like he was lost in the kiss even though I wasn't fully kissing him back. I pulled away when I felt his grip loosen on my head causing his eyes to snap open.

He smirked and licked his lips probably satisfied with my reaction. "Let's go to bed" He suggested as he grabbed my wrist and led me to the king-sized bed. My eyes were wide with shock and I protested, worried that he'll do something.

Yoongi chuckled "I won't do anything" He said "Yet" and smirked while making me lay down on the bed with him. Once under the covers I sneakily tried to slip to the edge of the bed but he noticed really quickly and grabbed my waist to pull me into his chest. I felt butterflies in my stomach even though I wanted to get away from him. "You can't escape me babe" He said while hugging me tightly.

"Stawph callinf me bafe" my voice came out muffled making him laugh loudly and causing his chest to rumble and a shiver go down my spine

"I'll call you what I want. Good night babe" His husky night time voice spoke as he closed his eyes and tightened his grip on my waist.

Ignoring my protest Yoongi fell asleep while I lay in his arms trying to figure out a way to sneak away without him noticing. He was warm and I wanted to hug him back but what kind of person would hug their kidnapper?

'I hope I get my answers tomorrow' I thought and went to a dream-less sleep after giving up.

3rd person P.O.V

Mijoo watched helplessly as the strange black haired guy took Hyemi away from her. She didn't know what to do because he looked so scary and just when she was about to say something another presence entered the room.

It was Jimin, the silver haired guy. He smiled at her as he walked towards her unlike a certain someone and sat on the couch pushing Jungkook towards Tae. "Hi Mijoo" He said and Taehyung rolled his eyes.

"Hey Jimin, we exist too" He waved his hand in front of Jimin sarcastically and pushed Jungkook to the ground.

"Ouch" The younger mumbled and glared at his hyungs only to sit up and focus back on the movie. Jimin leaned towards Mijoo while she ignored him and watched the movie with Jungkook.

"I don't know you. Leave me alone grandpa" she said and flipped off her middle finger at him. Jimin chuckled while Tae just looked at them confused.

"I thought Yoongi hyung was the grandpa" He said but didn't get any response back so went back to watching the movie. Jimin grabbed Mijoo's hand and smirked.

"I mean I would love to fuck you but wouldn't that be too fast?" He asked in a tempting tone. Mijoo gasped and glared at him.

"My innocent ears" She covered her ears and stood up to go away from him. Jimin laughed at her childness and thought how cute she was; he quickly grabbed her arm to prevent her from leaving however Mijoo was quick enough to loosen his grip and ran away.

She always trusted her instinct and did what she thought was right instantly. She didn't give him a chance to think and quickly sprinted off upstairs while Jimin tried to catch her. The girl looked behind her to see him following her without even trying. 'damn my short legs' she thought and ran to the nearest room.

She got in and slammed it shut, locking the door so that Jimin couldn't get in. Gosh... who knew that charming face was completely perverted. The room was themed a sky blue colour and was beautiful. The curtains were white unlike Yoongi's room and the walls were painted blue with tiny white patterns on it.

Jimin tried to open his bedroom door realizing that his own mate had locked him out. "Aish... It's not like I was going to hurt her" He groaned and rubbed his face when he felt a presence behind him. "What do you want Taehyung?" He asked turning around.

"Nothing" Tae said since he was just walking towards his own room. "By the way you can open the door with your spare keys" He suggested, giving him an amused smirk. Tae was supposed to be the dumb one not Jimin.

"Ah ... thanks..." The silver head replied in embarrassment and searched his pocket for the key. He found it and quickly unlocked the door to search for that cute girl who made his heart flutter every time he looked at her.

"Mijoo~" He sang "Are you done playing hide and seek?" the room was empty as Jimin sniffed the air to locate her exact location. She was hiding under the bed which caused him to chuckle. 'She's so innocent' he thought and walked towards the bed. Jimin got on his knees and observed her position. She was lying on her stomach and had her face hidden in her arms.

"Come on" He pulled at her arm "You can sleep on the bed! I'll go away" He assured, worried that her back might hurt after the sleeping under the bed. Mijoo didn't budge and pretended that she was asleep making him sigh.

He grabbed her waist and pulled her out easily to lay her down on the bed. Mijoo hid her face with her hands while he tucked her in. "good night" He whispered and pecked her forehead causing her face to turn red and left the room with a smile on his face.

 "good night" He whispered and pecked her forehead causing her face to turn red and left the room with a smile on his face

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