The Demonblade Chronicles : Devil-Child

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Chapter 1 - Lupus the Wolf-Boy

  Twenty-one years ago, when he freely roamed Earth, a dark idea appeared in the vast mind of the devil. He wanted a son. I know what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong; not a son to be loved, or cared for; that was the job of the petty humans he killed. No, he would make a warrior that would strike fear into the hearts of the whole county, and of course, beyond. He would make a demon more powerful that Aerosus himself, the daemon-god of the sky-realm. The demon would be mortal; that was necessary. A supporter of the fiend so powerful all would join him to avoid the suffering the demon would bring. It would take time, as all great things do, but the fiend does not feel time like us mortals do. No, the devil is immortal, the biggest threat to mankind, and never ages. A mere moment to him could be a whole century to us.

  So he set to work, creating the egg where the daemon-baby would soon hatch, with all the dark magic necessary. The boy would be called Fierus, the daemon-warrior of Earth, servant of the devil. The fiend conquered all challenges, including making the cave he chose look, to the commoners, look haunted. The cave was halfway up Mount Daracanus, a ten minute walk away from the temple of Aerosus, so the fiend could travel to and fro The Dark as he pleased.

  The word dark would usually be an adjective. In the context I imagine you should get acquainted with later in the story, The Dark is a place where all the witches, mages, werewolves, vampires and other dark entities went after death. As for the people of the light; I cannot tell you where they go, for I have not yet died.

  The devil’s rein on Earth ended suddenly, when a fighter of the dark, an Earth mage named Parakunis sent him back to The Dark, hoping to stop him from returning permanently. That was not so; the devil did not easily give up. One thing, in fact, did worry him about being sent back to The Dark; his daemon-warrior. The longer he spent in The Dark, the more likely it was for a greedy witch or commoner to find the egg and use it to gain personal power. For once, in his long life, the fiend was actually worried.

  Eleven long, dark years the egg was in that cave; the baby inside it slowly growing and forming into the creature the fiend once wanted to create. Yet, it somehow seemed too human to be from an egg. They were some of the last thoughts of a miner who had lifted the baby boy out of the egg, which cracked as he was mining ore in the cave, after a large stone fell from the roof. How he died, was quite horrible. A witch, not greedy, but who still wanted power, sensed a presence which she believed to be the fiend. When she saw the miner lift the daemon-baby out of the egg, she knew what the devil had done. As soon as she realised that the devil had given her a half-brother, she killed the man holding the baby, and brought it home with her.

  She trained the boy, with help from her father, in every way she could. There was just something about her half brother she didn’t understand; his muttering. Whenever she mentioned his father, he muttered angrily under his breath, sometimes swearing in The Old Tongue. Many times they communicated from between worlds; every full moon, when Alikira’s power was at its maximum capacity.

  Her name, daughter of the devil, one of England’s most powerful witches, like I’ve just mentioned, was Alikira. She, in her prime, served as a faithful assassin for her father, but later retired to focus on her necromancy. Deep inside she wanted to be the assassin again, but her father had another possible suitor for that path, and another for a person of her talents.

  The boy began his life as a sad, disciplined child who lived in the small hamlet at the foot of mount Daracanus. After spending his younger years in the woods talking to wolves, he began to be known as Lupus; which meant wolf-boy. He liked that name... to him, Fierus was a horrid name, and, in truth, it was a name that would send a chill down your spine.

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