~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CHAPTER 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Riker Lynch (20)

Ross Lynch (16)

Rydel Lynch (18)

Rocky Lynch (17)

Ryland Lynch (14)

Aubrey Mercer (18) ~lynchs neighbors~

Ding Dong! That was the Lynch's door bell.Riker got up to go answer the door.

"Aubrey!" Riker yelled then started to laugh. Aubrey and the Lynch's have been friends since they were 2. They were like family.

"Riker!!" Aubrey laughed as she walked in. In the living room Ross,Rocky,and Ryland were playing halo while fighting over Red Vines.

"I'll take that" Aubrey walked over and took the big bucket of Red Vines from them.

"Gimmie my Red Vines back!" Ross shouted joking around.

" haha nope... They are all mine!" Aubrey replied running to the first step of the stairs.

Aubrey tried to keep it away from Ross which was nearly impossible. When ross got his Red Vines back Rydel came downstairs.

" hey Aubrey I'm ready, lets go to the mall" Rydel said walking toward the door.

" kk I'll be right there" Aubrey said grabbing her purse. " bye guys, bye Riker" she said smiling waving to the guys and hugging Riker goodbye.

BANG the door shut but Ross's focus was still at the door where Aubrey was standing. Riker looked at Ross in pure confusion.

"DUDE!" Riker yelled to snap him out of it. That didn't work. So Riker grabbed a mini water gun and sprayed at Ross.

" Woah!" Ross said falling off the side of the couch. "what was that for!?".

" you were staring into space wait a minute....... I know why you were staring like that" Riker said with a grin on his face.

"why?" Ross asked all nervously.

"You like Aubrey!" Riker said trying not to laugh.

Ross's face went cold.

Chapter 2 is on its way..

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