Chapter 1

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*Author's note*

Why herro dere to you unfortunate people who may have stumbled across my story x3.
This is my first fanfic that I have ever written by myself and I am praying that it will live up to the high standards that this website actually has o-o
Any comments/feedback would be greatly appreciated, it may even encourage me to upload more chapters sooner if you guys enjoy it ;3
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((Mitch's POV))

"Hey, faggot!" The larger boy called, his hands placed either side of his mouth to increase the decibel of his words. I increased the pace of my walk, whimpering quietly as pain shot through my left leg.

'Please leave me alone..' I silently prayed, clutching my books tightly to my chest as I continued to hobble down the corridor. Rapid footsteps could be heard gradually approaching me, my body instinctively trembling as I let out a small cry. Brandon grabbed the collar of my shirt, tugging it backwards until his lips were by my ear. "Hey, I was talking to you.." He growled lowly, releasing my collar so that he could grab the front of my shirt. "Why didn't you respond?!" He snapped, pinning me securely against the locker. I let out a small hiss, the locker pressing roughly againat a previous graze I had obtained. "I asked you a question!" He barked, pushing me more firmly against the locker. "And I expect you to answer me."

"I-I don't know.." I whispered, my body trembling as I hesitantly glanced up at Brandon. Huge mistake. He slapped my cheek harshly, the sound reverberating around the empty corridors. I simply let iut a small gasp, the pain not comparing to the usual injuries I obtained.

"So, faggot, I hear you've had your eyes on the new girl in school." Brandon taunted, glaring at me without moving a single limb of his body

"I-I don't like g-girls." I whimpered, looking down to the floor in slight shame. Again, mistake. Brandon grabbed my jaw, directing it so that we were making direct eye contact once more.

"You know what I think about gays, don't you faggot." Brandon muttered, his grip on my chest tightening as he readied his fist behind him. Before I had a chance to reply, he shot his fist forward, landing it directly in my gut and causing me to cry out in pain before sliding down the locker. "You disgust me." He spat, saliva spraying over me. After kicking my side, Brandon finally decided to leave me alone, making his way down the corridor to his next class.

Sooo, I hope you enjoyed.
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