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Loves just underestimated (harry styles fanfic)

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Ugh. I'm late for school again. My moms gotta stop getting drunk and leaving me here alone. Right now I'm walking to school.. Which is like 12 blocks away..

Anyways, Hey!! My name is Liz Barnes.. I'm 17 years old and I go to Saint Matthews High school..I have Dirty Blonde Brownish hair. Which I hate I wish it'd just choose one color. I'm about 5'8". I'm a senior and I'm happy its my last year. Boy I can't wait to get out of here.. Just a couple more months to go.

~In School~

"MADDIE!!" I ran up behind my best friend ever and gave her a huge hug. Maddie gasped and turned around to face me.

"Liz. Why'd you scare me like that?" Maddie wasn't in a good mood I could tell.I don't know why but, I'm going to figure out though.

"What's wrong mad?"

"Nothing..Its just. Steven broke up with me today" Maddie started to cry so I pulled her into a hug so no one could see her sobs.

"Shh. It'll be ok. I'm here ok? Now dry those tears. Be a woman and hey.. Join me in the single club."

"Thanks bae. And ok. So are we still up for that party tonight?" I'm glad she was excited to go out. She usually never wants to so I was kind of suprised. Maddie is that type of girl that is usually very quiet and never goes anywhere because of here Parents.

"Yeah girl!! Dress sexy its gonna be fun" I'm not one to dress like a whore. I smiled to myself. "We need to get to first period."

"Ok bae see you later." She gave me a quick kiss on the cheeck and bolted off. Before you say anything no were not lesbians. We just are really close.

I sat in the very back with my headphones in listening to music not paying any attention to my teacher talking. I never payed attention in class I guess you can say I'm kinda like a rebel. I jolted up when the door to my class room opened and a dashing boy with curly dark hair and green eyes that hit me like a bolt of lightning walked into my class. He was a new student. Boy was he gorgeous.

"Hi. I'm Harry. Is this room 136?" His voice was deep and raspy. Sexy actually.

The teacher was too shocked by his beauty. But she spoke "Uh yes and what's your last name?"

"Styles. I'm Harry Styles." He flashed a smile revealing his many dimples. That made me giggle.

"Please take a seat next to mrs. barnes" The teacher spoke ,leaving tingles run down my spine. I felt like a little girl with a school crush. I'm so stupid. He walked slowly back to the seat next to me. As he sat down he gave me a little wink causing me to smile. After that I just layed my head down and put my headphones back in.

I was awoken by harry shaking my arm. "Wake up gorgeous you need to go to second period." My cheecks flushed. Did I really fall asleep. Damn.

"Uh.. erm. Hi." Fuck..I sound like a mentally challanged person.

"And what's your name?" God his voice was so attractive.

"Uh.. My name? Oh yeah Its Liz... Liz barnes." I winked.. How was I acting so confident in front of him.I must be dreming....

"Well Liz I'm harry. Its nice to meet you. My second period is art could you show me the way?"

"Sure I actually have art next too. Just follow me."

"Great thanks."

"By the way.. If your up to it maybe you can come to my friends party with me tonight?"

"I'd love too. Just take my number and text me the details."

"Ok. I will do that. Art is right here."

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