lazy day

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I wake up and I'm still cuddling with xylina, I look at her and smile, she looks so adorable, I lick her neck and she moans in her sleep, my nose drips blood, she wakes up and sees the blood, she licks it and I blush even brighter, she giggles,"you don't taste have bed hehe", I get swirly eyes like in anime, (@_@) she giggles, I blush, I lick her neck and she moans , my nose drips blood again, she smiles and wraps her arms around my neck, she nuzzles my neck, "jeez girl, you found my weakness", she doesn't stop nuzzling, "uhhh o..ok you can stop now", she doesn't stop, I start blushing a light shade of red, "p..pleas s..stop", she keeps on nuzzling, "f..fine then", I slap her butt and she yelps, she finally stop, I lay back on the bed and she lays on top of me, she purrs and wraps her tail around me, my tail sweeps back and forth across the bed, I lick her ear and she blushes a dark red, I smile and chuckle, she purrs. After she stops purring I rubs her ear and she mews,"that feels nice", after she says that I blush, she giggles and rubs her head against my chest, I switch it so that I'm on top of her, I lick her neck and she moans, I smile and kiss her stomach, she blushes bright red, I kiss her cheek, and she starts purring. I lick under her chin "ahh~", I hear that and I blush bright red, I Kiss her and she kisses back, I pull away and kiss her neck, after a while I lay next to her and we cuddle, soon we both doze off.

All those who love how romantic some of this is, if anyone would ever give me a chance, they would know how romantic I can be, they all see, err...most of them, see me as an annoying little shit, I wish someone would give me a chance, I'm just glad I have such good friends, they are one of the few things that keep me sane.

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