The Date

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I wake up and Xylina is purring away, I slither my hand up the back of her shirt and rub her back, she moans a bit and I chuckle, I kiss the back of her head and she wakes up blushing, "morning madam blushes alot", she turns around and pulls close, I blush and start petting her, my tail wags a bit, I wrap my arms around her, "Your my sweet little kitten", she giggles and I smile, "hmmmm, hey Xylina, why don't you and I go out today, kinda like a date", she smiles real big and says "sure I'd love to" she kisses me and I blush a bright red, I Kiss back, once we pull apart I get up and go get dressed, "hey Xylina, stay here I'll be back in about 30 minutes", she looks sad, "awww why", I smile "trust me you'll love what I'll bring back", I pour fang a bowl of puppy chow. Once I get to the clothing store I go inside and I see a pretty blouse, not to fancy but really cute, I go inside and I find one in xylina's size, I buy the dress and bring it home, I walk in and xylina is on the couch, "Xylina~", she looks up "yes?", I smile"I have something for you", I show her the reds and her face lights up, "FOR ME?!" I smile and reply "yup, I got it for you too wear, so hows about you go get changed into this and let me see you in it", she nods and goes and changes into it, she comes back and when I see it I blush bright red and my nose drips blood, "you look...amazing", she blushes and smiles, "I love it", I smile and take her by the hand, I spin her around and she giggles, "you ready for out date?" , she smiles "yes, let's go", I smile and nod, we head out and I take her to a restaurant, we go inside and get a table.
*time skip after restaurant*

We leave the restaurant and I feel great, she looks so cute in that dress, I take her home and I open the door to let her in first, I follow behind her and lock the door, we go to my room and I grab her by the waist and pull her close, she blushes and I wrap my arms around her, "you look so adorable", she giggles and she wraps her arms around my neck, I lean in and kiss her, she kisses back , I pull away and picks her up a lay on the bed and lay her on top of me, she giggles, "your such a charmer",.I chuckle and kiss her cheek, we cuddle until we fall asleep, before falling asleep I lean in "I love you xylina", I fall asleep.

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