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I wake up and I have my arm wrapped around xylina. I get up and get dressed, I pour fang a bowl of puppy chow, I go to Ashley's old headquarters, I see her inside with some of the old gang, they see me and I put my finger over my mouth to signal them to be quiet, I sneak up behind Ashley and jumpscare her, "SCREEEEECH" she turns around and claws me across the face, blood drops in the floor, "oh my God wolf I am so sorry, c'mere let me help with that, she goes and grabs the medical supplies and grabs the hydrogen peroxide and she puts some on a gauge and cleans where she clawed me, she then takes some medical tape and puts it on the claw marks, "th..thanks shorty",,she nods and puts the medical supplies away, "so why are you here?", I look at her "I was actually thinking about a robbery, if you guys are willing to help, they all agree to helping me and I smile "ok here's the plan......" I tell them the plan and we get started. first I head to the bank , I walk in and fire off a revolver, once I get the money into the bags, I run out and toss them in the getaway car and I hop in, the police are on our tail, I take out my revolvers and fire at the leading car, it crashes which causes remove ones behind it to crash into one another, we keep driving and suddenly more police show up chasing behind us, I take our a knife, I throw it st the drivers head and it shatters the glass, I take my gun and fire at the driver, I get a headshot and the car crashes into the ones following. Once we lost the cops we drove back to the headquarters , I take a small small share if the money and the rest goes too Ashley and her group, I head home and go to bed, xylina climbs into bed ans decides to wait until morning to ask about my face.

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