The crazy Scottsman

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I wake up and Xylina is next to me, I lick her neck to wake her up, she blushes and wakes up, I kiss her cheek, nezzy walks in and gropes xylinas butt,.xylina jumps and chases nezzy around the house..I go and get dressed and head out, I immediately hear sirens, a police car comes running past, another one comes behind it and I jump on top of it, they don't seem to notice, I aww that they are chasing some man in a car, the man has a Scottish accent, he is being chased but I don't know why,.I jump up to the police car in front, once we get close enough I jump onto the Scottsman's car, I get inside he notices me and hands me a gun, I out it in the back seat, "why're they chasing you?" He looks at me "I may or mat not have called one of them a pussy and a bitch" I laugh and take out my revolvers I get on top of the car and fire at the cops, I get a crazy idea, I start firing at their tires, it worked, we were able to get away from them, I get back in and we keep driving , "thanks for the help man, names Donovan, but most call me Donny", I look at him "names Wolf" he then notices my ears and tail, " oh your a wolf, neko, aren't you?" I nod , "hey mind giving me a ride Home?", He smiles "sure just give me directions", I give him directions and he takes me home, before I get out I give him a card, "here's number, call me if you ever need a hand", he does a salute and drives off, I walk inside and xylina is .....groping nezzy for some reason, heaven knows why, I walk over, "xylina.....?" She looks up at me "yea?" I raise my brow,"what are you doing?",.she giggles, "showing her how it feels when she does this to me", I look down and see nezzy on the floor blushing ," Ummmm, xylina,......I'm pretty sure she is enjoying that", Xylina looks down disappointed and gets up. I head to the bedroom and lay down and xylina climbs into bed with me, I wrap my arms around her while my tail wags, "g'night kitten", her tail wraps around my leg, "g'night wolfy".

Hey if you guys want me to do a lemon between Xolf and Xylina then lemme know in the comment section

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