Bar fight

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I wake up and Xylina is in my arms, I get up and let her sleep, I grab my weapons and go for a walk, I head down to the bar and have some fun, I go there and see my friend Alex, "hey Alex", she looks at me and smiles "Heya wolf", I sit down next to Alex and order a beer, "so Alex, how's Sarah?", she looks at me "she's fine, she still blushes like crazy when I kiss her", I laugh "yup that sounds like the same old Sarah", my beer comes and I drink it, I notice Alex's ears twitching (Alex is a leopard neko) a pet her and she hisses at me, I jerk my hand away, Alex has a hit of Buzz, I have on my steel knuckle gloves, suddenly some dumbass comes up and hits on Alex, "hey cutie, why don't you come and stay at my place for the night", I growl "she's not Interested", the guy looks at me and glares at me "why don't you go back to the preschool little man", I stand up and I'm taller than him, he look at Alex,"so what'd'ya say cutie", I glare at him with death eyes , some of the sides friend's walk up and start acting disgusting towards Alex, I come up and shove the first guy, "she's not Interested, go choke on a dick" I start to sit down ans he hits me km the the back of the head with a beer bottle, he holds me by the shirt collar and starts threatening, he punches me in the jaw, I get out of his grip and I glare at him, I punch him in the face and I punch him in the gut, the others start fighting , in tries to hit me with a pool stick, I catch the stick before he can hit me, I twist or out of his grip and break it in Hal and gulp down the last of my beer, I take the beer bottle and smash it over his head, I take the broken pool sticks and I wack the last guy over the head repeatedly until he passes out, I walk over to the bartender, "you didn't see a thing", I drop a small sack of cash, the bartender nods, I pick up Alex who I'd dilly drunk now and bring her home, I know have a black eye, a bruised forehead, a cut lip, and a cut across my arm, I get Alex home and knock on the door, when I open the door I see my old friend Sarah, "OMG WOLF ARE YOU OK?!", I smile and look at her"I'm fine just help me get this drunkard inside", Once I get Alex inside Sarah makes me sit down somehow can tend to the cuts and bruises, "tell me what happened", I smile "some sicko and his amigos tries to get Alex to go home with them, I told then that she wasn't interested, when they still tried I shoved one and a bar fight started, I think those guys will think twice before hitting on Alex when I'm around", she smile and hugs me, "thank you so much for protecting Alex", I smile "no prob , that little drunkard sure does love beer, I best be getting home", Sarah nods, I smile "cya round short animuu girl" I head home and walk in, once I lay down xylina pounces on me, "where have you been?!" I groan because she landed on my gut, "at the bar protecting a friend", she has a worried look, "I was worried, I couldn't stop worrying, nezzy tried calming me down, in ways that I don't care to mention (heheheheh)", I smile and look at her, "no need to worry anymore" I kiss her and grope her butt cheek "eep" she yelps, "awww that's so cute" she nuzzles my neck to get back at me, I start blushing and I can't stop, she stops nuzzling my neck and she purrs while she lays on me, I stroke her tail and she blushes bright red. She lays there on me, I'm so comfy that I doze off.

Sorry I've not been in school btw guys......I've been sick, Ashley I'm sorry you've had to work on the Blackhawk project by yourself, I feel just awful about it, I'm so sorry.

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