Cough it up

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I wake up and I see that the girls are asleep, I decide to go for a walk, I grab my kukri and sheath and I hook it to my side, I take revolvers and put them in my pockets. I put on a thin coat and I head out, I get to Ashley's old headquarters and I step inside, I see the short yaoi lover and I decide to do something hilarious, I sneak up behind her and do a jumpscare,"SCREEEEEECH", she jumps and turns around and points a gun at me, I take the gun from her, she hits me on the head and I laugh, "you should have seen your face", I keep laughing and she gets mad, "S..Sorry....", Ashley's tail starts flicking repeatedly which let me know that she was mad, I whine and she hisses at me, my tail goes between my legs , I try to calm he'd by petting her, she clawed my hand, I whimper, my hand was bleeding, I'm getting tired of this and I star growling and I bare my teeth, she pets me and I blush"H..HEY" she keeps petting me, my tail wags and I grab her hand,"please stop" I out her hand down and she looks at me"what do you want Wolf?", I start stuttering "I uhhh... I ...I wanted to know were up to anything today, I'm uhhh...I'm bored and I wanna do something", she smiles and I start regretting this, "actually I need some help with some people who owe me money , I need you too come with me too get my money", I smile evily "let's go bust some heads" I crack my buckles while saying that, I put on my brass knuckles. Once we get going  we start chatting until we get there, once we get there I knock on the door, they open the door and let us in, we sit down and Ashley starts speaking, "ok you guys owe me some money, cough it up", the the head of the group oweing money chuckles, how about instead we take you and beat this guy to a pulp. The group starts getting closer to me, one lays a hand on my shoulder and I grab his arm and  flip him over my shoulder, I kick him in the gut, the others start attacking, I punch one in the jaw with my brass knuckles, one goes for Ashley "Behind you!" She claws him in the face and kicks him in the balls, one guy grabs my tail, I take out my revolvers and start shooting. I shoot the tail grabber in the arm and leg, the only one leader is the he'd of the group, I hold the revolver to his head "now you're gonna give us the Money, or I'm gonna splatter your brains all over the wall" , he looks scared and hands us a suitcase, I look inside ans Ashley money is in it, "we got what we came for, let's go". Ashley and I leave and head back to the old headquarters, "thanks for the help Wolf ", I nod and hand her the suit case, "no prob lil kitty", I pet hee ans she purrs, "haha I knew I would get you too purr", I head home and sleep on the couch.

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