An old friend

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I wake up and the girls asleep,.I decide to take this chance to go for a walk, I go for a walk and I running into an old buddy of mine, "hi Ashley", she looks back and smiles "oh hey wolf" , I laugh and walk with her, "so what  have you been up to lately" she smiles and replies, "nothing much just the usual robberies and running from the cops, you?", I sigh from relief, "there are these two girls who seem to like me ans they keep making moves.  ..I don't know what to do", Ashley gets a a type of kitty look on her face "ohhh really~,I didn't see you as the player type", I sigh "it's not like that,.... I care for both of them", I look at my watch,"OH SHIT, IS IT THIS LATE ALREADY?!", "I'M SORRY ASHLEY I GOTTA GO, CYA LATER" I quickly run home and I go inside and I don't see the girls, I look around and suddenly nezzy pounces on me, "Gah", she looks up,"Xylina I got him" , xylina runs in and gets down near my face, "where have you been", "yea" nezzy says backing her up, "I was talking to an old friend", nezzy got off of me and let me get up, I go to my room and lay down. I doze off, when I wake up Xylina is laying on me, purring, I smile and pet her, she starts cuddling and I blush, nezzy walks in, she sees us and chuckles she comes over and starts groping xylinas butt, xylina mewed and woke up blushing horribly, she sees nezzy and then looks at me, I smile, nezzy left the room and went to the bathroom, xylina is blushing, rub her ears and she purrs, fang jumps up and lays on xylinas back, I soon doze off again.

Ok so I know the past few chapters haven't been very mafia related but just wait,.the next chapter will have something that no mafia lover can resist luv you guys <3

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