Chapter 45

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By the time my mum came to collect me, I was completely on edge. Especially after what Midge had said, I didn’t know how to respond.

I did genuinely believe my mum. There was something about her that time – something different. But it seemed that whenever I spoke to Midge about anything, she almost managed to sway me.

Val had been rather talkative in the car – asking me how my day had been, why I had gotten detention, laughing about why I had got a detention, and then asking me if I had made any new friends.

Strangely enough, she did not seem swayed by the notion that I had actually met them in detention, and casually remarked that they seemed nice. After asking if I could go to the party, she said a definite yes, not even bothering to ask me where it was or who was going.

I could tell by looking at her that she had something to say. Although I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, there was definitely something on the tip of her tongue.

As we pulled in to our neighbourhood, I realised exactly why she had been so nice to me in the car. Derrick’s car was parked outside. I knew that everything between my parents had ended badly, btu I thought it was a little too soon when Derrick came over almost every night.

“He’s here?” I asked neutrally, trying not to display my annoyance at the fact that he was.

“Yes” Val smiled lightly. “Don’t worry, he’ll keep me out of your hair when you’re doing your homework.”

I laughed and nodded – inside thinking that I didn’t actually have any homework to do and wondering what I was actually going to do with myself. Especially on the weekend.

I imagined that everyone would have gone to one of the guy’s house as they always did. But, because my mum was no longer welcome in their presence, and I was with her, I probably would be invited.

Although, my mum was right about one thing. At least she wouldn’t want to hang around with me or something, and she had Derrick to keep her happy.

“He’s already inside” she told me as we stepped out of the car. “He’s making dinner for us. I hope you’re hungry, because I’m starving.”

I smiled and nodded as best I could, but I could feel my annoyance beginning to come through a little bit as cracks began to show in my demeanour.

We walked inside casually, as I realised that my mum was doing absolutely nothing to conceal me as they had done when my parents were still married. I wondered if it would make a difference, but thought that Matt would probably have something to say about it.

We walked inside, and an unusual smell filled my nostrils. It was then that I realised that I was going to have to sit down and eat with them. I was actually going to have to interact with them. I didn’t even want to look at Derrick.

I could easily handle my mum – but not Derrick.

I didn’t exactly like everything that had happened to our family – and what was worse was that my mum was trying to move on so fast. It was almost as though she had never really valued my dad in the first place.

I could tell by the fact that he kept calling me that he still cared. I knew that he still wanted to see me, but after everything that my mum had told me, I didn’t really want to see him anymore. He was most likely mad at me anyway.

“You okay?” she smiled as she turned to me – to which I could only nod. “You just seem…a little spaced” she added with a slightly giggle as I walked behind her, rolling my eyes.

I kicked off my shoes at the door and dumped my school bag next to them as my mum walked off in the direction of the kitchen. Since my dad had walked out, everything in the house seemed different. The usual smell had gone, and was replaced with something I couldn’t quite make out.

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