Two girls one wolf

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WwwI wake up to see a girl laying on me, and one laying next to me, I immediately start blushing super red, nezzy wakes up and smiles "well hello, are you comfy", I blush more and nod my head, she giggles and xylina wakes up, "morning", nezzy smiles "morning",.I blush harder "m..morn..ning" Xylina giggles and so does nezzy. Once they stop giggling I start blushing again , "c..can I get up now?" Nezzy and xylina look at me at the same time and giggle "nope" they both say, I blush harder, xylina and nezzy are now positioned to where one is on each Side of me, I cannot stop blushing, then fang jumps onto my chest and licks my nose, I chuckle and stop blushing, "morning White Fang" , the girls start petting him, he falls asleep on my chest, nezzy takes him and lays him on the bed, I get annoyed and say "if you two don't let me up you won't like what happens next", they both just giggle so I do it, I grab their tails and tug on then and they both yelp, I get up and go take a shower. while I'm in there I here someone walk in, it's xylina, she steps in with me and my nose just pours blood, she giggles and grabs the sponge and starts washing my back, I'm blushing really bad, she keeps washing my back and after a while she strokes my tail, "EEP" I blush horribly and she washes my tail, I turn around and see her body, my nose pours more blood, I grope her breast and she blushes, I immediately look away"S..Sorry", she blushes and looks at me" it's f..fine", I look at her,."w..would you like for me to wash your hair?" , she nods and I take the shampoo,.I put some on her head and get to scrubbing, I soon hear her start purring, I smile and keep scrubbing, I start washing her ears and she blushes bright red but keeps purring, I keep scrubbing I rinse out her hair and turn the shower off. Once we got dried off I head to my room to change and she heads to the guest room, luckily when I walked in nezzy wasn't there, I shut the door and change into some clothes. Once I got changed I head into the living room and turn on the TV, I sit on the couch and nezzy sits next to me, once xylina gets done she comes and sits next to me on the opposite side of nezzy, I watch TV but I can't stop blushing, the girls were watching me and it was embarrassing. soon the girls doze off and I so as well.

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