an encounter of nezzy proportions

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I wake up and Xylina is still asleep, her tail is still wrapped around me, I blush and pet her head, she blushes, "morning Xylina", she gets up and yawns, "morning", fang yawns and stretches. Once we get up Xylina heads to the bathroom to change, I didn't realize this and I accidentally walks in on her in her undergarments, my nose gushes blood and I start turning bright red, she blushes bright red and screams, "S..SORRY" I slams the door and he's  to my room, I hide under the bed, once she gets dressed she comes and looks for me, "Wolf?","Wolf?", she looks in the closet and sees that I'm not there, she then looks indeed the bed and sees my tail, (oh and in this I'm also a wolf version of a neko) she tugs on my tail a bit and I blush even redder than the ketchup in the fridge. I turn around and reply, "y..yes, Xylina", she smiles and says "I'm jot mad but next time plz knock", I smile, "o..ok, to he hones  you looked cute like that", she blushes bright red and smiles, she then walks away, I get out from underneath the bed, I go and make a harty breakfast of eggs, grits, bacon, and pancakes, I Xylina's plate on the table and yell "XYLINA, BREAKFAST", she tells back, "COMING" she comes in and sits down to eat, I look at her and say "I'll be back in an hour or two", she swallows some grits, "ok, cya later". I go and get my kukri and sheath and hook it to my belt, I but one of my revolvers in my coat pocket, I walk out the door and he's  to the grocery store, I go shopping and check my list

Shopping list
·Peanut butter
·Ketchup x2
·Dog chow

I head I've  and he  the mayo and see a familiar face, "hey Nezzy", she looks back and smiles "hey wolf", I see that's she's with some friend's"who's this?" She looks at me and replies, "this is Mary, Abigail, and Keith", I smile and say,"well hi, nice to meet y'all" , Keith walks over and pets me, I make a "really bitch" face at Keith, I realize that Ashley has a tail, (Nezzy is a fox version of a neko), "hey I didn't know you were a fox", she realizes what I meant and said "oh,yea well I am" I smile and get a kinda evil idea. I swipe a toy mouse from an isle and throw it, she chases it and I chuckle, she sees me and gets mad,"OH SHIT" , I run and she chases me, I turn a corner and I think I lost her, suddenly she pops up behind me and I immediately run, I decide to shop while running, I have my messenger back in my back, I go and grab the mayo and put it in the bag, I see her on my tail. I run over and grab the bologana and some Black Forest Ham , then she is literally on my tail, she grabs my tail and yanks it, I blush bright red and yelp, I fall and slide across the floor. She jumps on my back and she sits there, she laughs and I flip over so she is on my stomach, I tug on her tail so she blushes, I take advantage and push her off of me, I get up and start running again, ok I keep shopping while running. I get to the peanut butter and grab a jar of it and put in the bag,  I run over to the condiment isle and get a XL bottle of ketchup, I po  it in the bag and keep running, I look back and see nezzy close behind, I then run to the pet isle and grab a small back of puppy chow, I put it in the bag. Once I grab that I look back ans see that nezzy is gone, I look forward and nezzy is there, I trip and fall and slide under her, she sits on me and holds me down, "I'm not letting you up", I turn over so that I can face her, she has an evil grin on her face", since I can't get up I just lay there, I then remember that Xylina is waiting at home, I sit up and lick nezzy's that she lets her guard down, I push her off and run out of the store without paying, nezzy chases me out of the store and keeps chasing me, I ge  to the house run inside and hide in the closet. Nezzy runs in and sees Xylina and Fang, "where did wolf go?!", xylina looks at her "he ran to his room, it's down the hall and to the left", nezzy goes to my room and looks for me, she opens the closet door and pulls me out, she pushes me down and sits on me, "what is it with you and sitting on me?!", she doesn't answer, since I'm comfy I doze off, Xylina walks in "what are you doing?", nezzy looks at her "I was trying  to get back at him for pulling a trick on me, but he seems to have fallen asleep", xylina giggles,"well he certainly looks comfy", nezzy nods her head in agreement, "oh That's right I still haven't introduced my self, I'm Xylina", nezzy smiles" I'm nezzy pleasure to meet you Xylina",."Hey nezzy since he's already asleep, you wanna stay the night" ,nezzy smiles "sure, I'm kinda comfy right here" nezzy lays on me and xylina lays against us,.Nezzy pulls the blanket over all of us and fang come   in and snuggles with us.

(Ahhhhhhhhhhh I'm covered in girls, am I dreaming XD XD)

I know some of these are things that don't  seem like they'd happen to "Me" but they aren't happening to "Me", they are happening to wolf

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