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I woke up to the pup licking my face,"morning pup",he wags his tail and yips at me. Once I ge  out of bed I go and make the pup some breakfast, I think to my self out loud,"we need to think of a name for you,hmmmm..." o was thinking for a while and it hit me,"I GOT IT, YOUR NEW NAME IS, White Fang",(a/n White Fang is a name from an old series, movie, cartoon, and book)white fang wags his tail at that name,"ok you stay here and behave, I'll be back in a bit". Once I leave the house I see someone in the back alley getting mugged, I make it where my fedora makes it where the attacker can't see my eyes but I can still see him"Hey buddy", he looked at me and said"I SUGGEST YOU WALK AWAY UNLESS YOU WANNA BE COUGHING UP BLOOD", I smile,"you sure about that", he walks away from the one he was mugging and runs at me with a knife, I dodge and pull a kukri out of the sheath on my side and I slash at his legs,"GAHHHH" he falls on the ground and I kick him in the gut, I walk over to the one he was mugging, it was a young girl, she looked to be not much younger than me,"you ok ma'am", it starts raining, I sheath my kukri, she nods,"c'mon my house is around the corner, let's get you dry", I take my coat off and wrap it around her, we get to my house and I bring her in. I start a fire in the fireplace and hand her some clean clothes to wear, "so what's your name?", she looks at me and says,"Xylina", I look at her and smile,"that's a pretty name, I'm Wolf, it's a pleasure to meet you Xylina?", I notice how raggy her original clothes are,I look at her and ask,"not to be rude but....do you have a home?", she looks at the floor and says,"N..no I don't", I smile and say, "well stay here as long as you want, Mi Casa, Su Casa", she looks up at me shocked,"R..REALLY??!!", I smile and say"of course", she starts tearing up and hugs me, I blush, she says"THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH" I hug her back. Once she lets go , I take out my handkerchief and wipe her tears, suddenly Fang (Fang is short for White Fang) came running in and yips at Xylina and she smiles, "well who is this cutie", she asks picking up Fang, "That's White Fang, I found him back there in the alley you were mugged in", she smiles and pets him, he lays down in her lap, I smile and say "looks like someone likes you hehe", she smiles and pets him more. I go and make some coffee, "hey Xylina?", she looks up "yes?", I pour some coffee into a cup, "would you like some coffee",she tilts her head"what's coffee?", I chuckle "it's kinda like a drink that gives you energy" I bring her a cup, "Here, try some", I hand her a cup, she takes a sip and shivers"it's bitter", I chuckle "here lemme take that, there is another way to make it" , I take her cup and go to the kitchen, I take some creamer and sugar and put it in the cup, I mix it and bring it back, "here try it now", she takes the cup and takes a sip, "that tastes so much better, much sweeter" , she says smiling, I chuckle and drink my coffee. once we both finish our coffee I set up the guest bed for her to sleep, I look out the window and its still pouring. I head to bed and Fang sleeps with me, thunder booms and 2 minutes later Xylina shows up in my room, "H..Hey W..wolf, can I sleep with you, I'm uhhhhhhhh l..lonely, y..yea that's it" I raise an eyebrow, thunder booms again and she screams and dives under my covers, "you're scared of the thunder?", she nods her head"mhmm", I smile and sigh, I lift up the blanket, "c'mon, hop in", she gets in the bed, "Th..Thank you Wolf", I smile and say "no prob", fang cuddles up to her and before i fall asleep I put my arm around her, "g'night Xylina", she blushes and replies "g'night wolf" I fall asleep, she does as well, her tail wraps around my leg, (forgot to mention, Xylina is a neko), it's still pouring.

This was a long chapter, btw if you like things that are "Kawaii" then look at the photo up top ^^^

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