The Classroom

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Don't mind the cringe, it gets better I promise

Reader's pov

I awoke to a start, sitting at a desk in an anonymous classroom. Drool was slowly dripping down from my face as laid my head on the desk. i was shook awake by a girl that was ducking under her hand and looking at me. She had bright blue and pink streaks in her hair and her outfit was... obnoxious to say the least.

"Heeey! You up yet? Ibuki is getting impatient!
"Yeah yeah whatever."
Ibuki just shoots me a death glare, still under her hand. I roll my eyes, stand up, stretch and look around.
"Uh.. am i? And more importantly, who are they?"

I gesture to the other students and start looking around the room. There are at least 17 people here. All of them look like they are at least 15 to 18 years old. Well other than one girl, who has long blond pigtails and is wearing a kimono.

"Ya don't know?" She also adds an obvious fake gasp after her first sentence. "What was the last thing you remember?"
"ummm... i really don't know."
I racked my brain for any memories that i had. Oh wait! I remember one.

"All i remember is walking in to a classroom... that's really it to be honest.
"Well what is your talent then?"
"What are you an ultimate at dumbass." A boy with shaved blond hair said. He also had a babyface... that's totally what i am calling him now.
"Well excuuuuuuuse me babyface, i didn't know what she was talking about."
"Oi! What did you just call me?"
"Tsh. Stop fucking around! I'm not here to play games, asshole."
"Whaaaaatever. You're lucky i didn't call you princess.
"Well you're lucky i didn't kick your a-"
"that is enough." A girl with silver braids said plainly.

Baby-face just sat down and glared at me. I rolled my eyes and returned my attention to Ibuki.
"Y/N  L/N. Ultimate artist."
"Cooool!!" She looked really happy for some reason.

Soon after talking with Ibuki,A girl with light pink hair, pink eyes, and a cat hoodie walked over to us. Her outfit is kawaii ^-^
"Hey ibuki." She said in a calm voice "ultimate artist huh? I'm Chiaki nanami. Nice to meet you." She reached out her hand and i shook it. She smiled at me and then totally spaced out. I waved my hand in her face...

No response.

I saw a smol hamster scurrying across the flo-wait, a hamster? It ran over to my desk, and climbed up my leg.
"Eeek!" I couldn't help but squeal. It's a peculiar feeling. Having a hamster climb up your leg. (Oh goshit sounds dirty in my head) the hamster made it's way up and eventually ended up on my head.

"SUN-D!" I heard a male voice practically screaming. A weird looking boy immediately ran up to me and put the hamster in his scarf. That's w..why would he put a hamster in his scarf?

"And just what are you doing with one of my dark devas of destruction?"
"Uhh...y..your hamster.. kinda j..just c..climbed up my leg..."
The hell? Why am i stuttering...
"FUAHAHAHAHA!" He yelled. Which made me jump about a foot in my seat.

"A mere mortal like yourself should indeed cower in the presence of THE SUPREME DARK OVERLORD OF ICE, GUNDHAM TANAKA!" He walks away and i am just left there, confused and shocked.
"He is the ultimate breeder." Nanami says. Suddenly responding to me.
What nanami said made me laugh and face-palm.
"Pfft. What a dork!"

A cute dork... wait what?

Sorry if this chapter was bad, this is author chan's first x reader story :P over 600 words! C:
Also, i am taking suggestions on how to improve the story! So if you have an idea, leave it in the comments!

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