The Morning After

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10:30 a.m

I woke up to a empty bed and a ringing phone. Once I looked at the caller ID I seen it was Asia. I couldn't answer the phone not like this at least I'm at a whole other girl house right now. I'll probably just hit her later or something.

I didn't regret shit that happened with me and shorty last night because I did nothing wrong I'm a single nigga so therefore I can do single shit. I don't owe nobody that type of loyalty right now anyways. Asia clearly not trynna settle down with me for whatever reasons, so I'll just do my own thing.

I smelt food being cooked so you already know my hungry ass went to go see what was up. When I walked in the kitchen I seen Miracle in her little one piece looking right. Her ass was all out with them curves that'll drive any nigga wild. I couldn't help but to stare and notice how fine she was. God sure did take his time with this one man.

''Damm do you always wake up looking this good shorty?'' I said coming up to her while she smiled

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''Damm do you always wake up looking this good shorty?'' I said coming up to her while she smiled.

''Good morning sleepy head how'd you sleep?'' She asked continuing to cook it up.

''Good morning to you too and uhh I slept pretty good.'' I said slapping her ass and eating a piece of bacon.

She looked back at me and laughed causing me to as well.'' That's good I'm almost done cooking to.''She said.

''Coo.'' I said heading back in her room to go do my morning routine. Once I was done with all of that I laid back down and starting going through my calls and texts. People been hitting me like crazy and that's when I remembered I was suppose to link up with them niggas about them keys. It's crazy cause right after I thought about that T called me.

''What's up? '' I said picking up.

''Nigga I been calling you all morning what the fuck you been on?'' T said.

''Aww my bad B I was caught up in something.'' I said looking at Miracle fine ass still in the kitchen.

''Yeah caught up in some pussy you ain't slick Eric told me you left with strip tease last night.'' T said causing me to bust out laughing. He really call shorty that shit.

''Man chill out what time we linking up though?'' I asked.

''I already met with the nigga with E and Ty, So I say we meet up at the trap later on I got a lot of shit to handle today.'' He said while I shook my head damn I really missed that shit.

''Bet where was Jay at though?'' I asked noticing he left his hand out.

''Caught up in some pussy just like you I'm guessing.'' T said while I laughed.

''Nigga get off my line.''

''Wait wait wait how was it B? You know you gotta let me know bro.''He said laughing.

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