Laser Tag Tango

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"I hope you're ready to lose, sweetheart." Jay whispered in my ear.

"Only in your dreams, darling." I spoke back with a sickeningly sweet grin. We were about to play laser tag with all of our friends and I had to physically get my heart to calm down after Jay stepped away to talk to one of the instructors about teams.

How can he not feel anything?

I had liked Jay for years and everyone of our friends teased us about how much we flirt with each other yet he always brushed it off and said we just liked joking around.

We decided to be unoriginal and go boys against girls for our laser tag match. As we lined up I stood across from Jay and continued to use fake sign language that conveyed he was going to die. He just laughed and gave me a sarcastic thumbs up.

Soon the instructor was bringing us into the large arena that we had rented for the next two hours. Everyone had their gear prepped and ready and soon the buzzer went off for the battle to begin.

Everyone quickly split up to find the opponents and shoot them. My friend Hayley and I went straight towards the other end planning on one of us faking an injury to trick the boys into shooting range. As the first two guys we saw came into view Hayley tripped me before I could even react. When the boys saw me their guns raised but dropped suddenly when I yelled out in pain.

"Oh my gosh! Maddy are you okay?" I heard our friend Aaron ask.

"Should I get someone?" Carson asked.

Pew! Pew! The sound of a laser gun going off sounded above me and both of the boys' armour lit up in red, signalling that they had to go back to base in order to shoot again. I popped up off the floor and waved at them before walking past them with Hayley behind me. We laughed at their glares before sneaking up behind another barrier and shooting a couple of our other friends.

After about half an hour, Hayley and I had gotten pretty close to their base. We knew that shooting their base doubled our points so we had been silently sneaking for a while. Once it was in sight we started to aim our guns but Hayley got shot.

"No!" She yelled dramatically as I whipped around. We had been behind different barriers and I had luckily not been spotted yet. "You're so gonna get it for this, Jay!" I heard Hayley's voice grow distant but I could tell Jay was still close when he laughed. I peeked around the barrier and saw he wasn't facing me but I couldn't get a clear shot at his back.

Before I could think, I jumped up and pressed myself against Jay, his gun sandwiched between us.

"Maddy, what are--" I cut him off by pressing my lips against his.

What am I doing?

My breath would have catched if I had been breathing when Jay started kissing me back. It took every ounce of strength I had to remember why I had started kissing him in the first place. I let my left hand tangle in his hair as my right hand that held my gun pushed against his chest, backing us into a barrier. I knew I had to act quickly otherwise I'd never be able to break away from him. As soon as there was enough room between us he dropped his gun on the ground so he could wrap his arms around me. Before he had the chance to completely hold me, I lifted my gun and shot him in the chest. Jay froze, probably assuming one of our friends had caught us.

"You didn't think I'd really let you win, did you?" I asked breathily as my lips brushed against his. His arms dropped as I stepped back, finally making eye contact with him. My heart thudded heavily in my chest as I saw the fire in his gaze. I couldn't handle the silence and finally turned and began sprinting for the base. I sat behind a barrier and watched for movement through a small peephole. Once I saw none I stood up and lined up my shot to the large target of their base. Once I hit it incredibly loud sirens went off to alert everyone a base had been shot. I saw all eight of my guy friends run back to their base as I continued to hide.

"Jay! What happened, man?" I heard Londan ask. "You were our last defense!"

"I'm sorry, dude! She snuck up on me!" he spoke.

"Who was it?" Carson asked.


"Well that explains it. Lover boy here got distracted and let his guard down!" Aaron laughed and patted Jay on the shoulder.

My heart fluttered as Jay raised his hand to his face, letting his fingers brush across his lips, a faraway look in his eyes.

"Pretty much. It won't happen again though, guys. I'm sorry," he spoke, rolling his shoulders.

"Its no biggie, man. Just try to not let your heart eyes affect your aim," Londan laughed, making Jay smile.

After all of their suits had stopped flashing and they were able to leave base again, the boys quickly split up again. I held my breath as Carson ran past where I was hiding but he luckily didn't see me in the black lighting. I slowly got up and made my way towards the barrier Jay had gone behind. He was sitting on the ground, leaning against the wall taking a drink from a water bottle.

"Hey," I whispered before sitting down next to him. My heart sank as I saw his shoulders stiffen and grip tighten on his gun.

"I'm not gonna shoot you again.' I tossed my gun in front of him to prove my point.

"That was a pretty slick move, missy. How many guys have you used that on?" he joked but he grimaced when he realized he hurt my feelings.

"Mads, you know I didn't mean it that way. I just-" I stopped him by putting my hand up.

"I didn't do that with everyone. I did kiss you just to win, though." I saw his entire composure slip for a second to a look of devastation and thats all it took to give me the courage I needed to continue.

"The only reason that that kiss was solely for winning was because I've never had the guts to kiss you because I've just wanted to." I took a shaky breath. "And trust me, I've wanted to" My courage ran out and I looked down at my hands in my lap.

Pew! Pew! My head snapped up at the sound of Jay's gun going off as my armour started flashing like his had earlier.

"Now we're even," he spoke as he leaned in and kissed me.


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