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This angle upclose is way better than before and the artist' excitement is written all over his smiley face as he takes a grip of his sketchbook once again. The stranger doesn't seem to notice that at all, he glances to the window instead. Little did he know that Sehun is working magic on a sheet of paper, making sure to pick up the view of his side profile including some small details he hadn't been able to draw the last time. 19 Minutes only. That's all it has to take. 
Right when Sehun's about to steal another look on the smaller, a confused gaze welcomes him first. "Is there a specific reason you keep on looking at me?" 
Sehun chuckles, because the hint of his annoyance is way too cute for his liking. 
"No, don't mind me, I am just working on something" 
"I wonder what that something might be" 
"It's a masterpiece", those words roll off Sehuns tongue before his mind can even register the sarcasm in the stranger's voice. Having no time to spend on the thought of what the meaning behind that 'masterpiece' was, the other gets up from his seat and heads towards the door a few minutes before the train stops. 

Sehun finds himself watching him delightedly, quietly praying to God that he will turn around for the last time.

And he does. He gives him a simple nod, a shy smile tugging on his lips as he walks away.

 He gives him a simple nod, a shy smile tugging on his lips as he walks away

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- - - 

"Shit!", Sehun curses in between short breaths as he witnesses the train almost leaving. Luckily his long legs help him to catch it just in time, making him stumble forward. Luckily a pair of strong hands manage to grab him by his arms just in time, causing him to freeze in his spot.

Those hands belong to his favorite stranger, his favorite model. The one he has been following on the same road for weeks now. 

"Be careful", he purrs, his soft smile welcoming the taller while his sight never dares to leave Sehun who finally gets to loosen his stiff shoulders again. Those delicate hands remain in their spot causing the taller to tremble. Right now, this moment, it all seems so familiar, it feels like home. "Where's your sketchbook?", the beautiful man in front of him asks in a small voice while his grip slowly fades away. Sehun isn't really surprised about the question since the other passanger would never meet him without the said block. He clenches his fingers nervously around the fabric of his coat and reveals his material hiding in his inside pocket.

"Have you finished working on your masterpiece yet?"
"There's still one last page left and I need your help this time"

As time passes by the train gets less crowded, more and  more seats get empty but both of them won't bother to move away from their position, standing close to each close that they feel their breath tickling each other's faces. 
Dongdaegu Station. They have arrived.

"Please sit over there and just look at me", Sehun instructs and after the other male happily complies, they both make themselves comfortable on a bench nearby. Holding the pencil tightly in one hand and the last page of his sketchbook in the other, Sehun gathers up all the beautiful details of his beloved thoughtfully, taking all of the time he needs. This time he won't rush himself, this time he won't let him leave, this time he's gonna finish his work and make sure to capture everything he fell in deep love with.
"Sehun...", the sound of a broken voice rings in the artist's head, making him freeze in the spot.
"Sehun, why are you doing this? Why can't you just let me go?"

- No...stop..stop talking, please. Do not leave me again. -

"I didn't appear in your life for you to lose yourself into me all over again, dear.", he continues and places his fingertips on Sehun's, causing him to look up from his drawing, eyes resembling shining glas.
"Luhan, don't.", he manages to croak out, the sensation of Luhan's touch is overwhelming him. He's falling, but this time he can't save himself.
"Sehun, I am here for the last time. This is the last time for us to hold hands, the last time I am letting you see me. This is the last time you're in love with me, understand?" The more words leave Luhan's mouth he used to kiss endlessly, the more teardrops sink into the paper on this lap. 
"You need to move on, Sehun. We've shared weeks, months and years of love. We've shared our hearts and...", Luhan takes a deep breath as he continues.
"Even if my heart has already stopped beating, yours doesn't have to suffer. It has endured enough pain."

He is not real.

"I'm in love with you", Sehun pleads as he leads Luhan's hand towards his lips to place a gentle kiss on his cold skin. "I am sick of waking up in an empty bed, I am sick of the fact that I am not able to smell your scent anymore. I...I am dialing your number every day but I can't hear your voice anymore, I can't feel your body against mine and it feels like I have lost my whole world. I lost every kiss we shared, every hand I've ever held. But worst of all I have to walk around every day still loving you, still in need of you. It's my personal hell since you're in heaven."

He is dead.

"The whole world is still there for you to explore, everything's still there. I am there where you need me to be. You're going to be happy, Sehun...but first of all life will make you strong. Be strong for yourself, be strong for me. Sehun..." 

He is fading.


He is gone.

"Sehun!!" In an instant he is awake. His head aches. His vision's blurry. He feels completely numb.  "Thank God, you are awake!" - The familiar sound of his bestfriend's voice echoes in his ears. Chanyeol takes a hold of his arm while speaking out in concern : "Fuck, Sehun are you alright?"

Everything was an Illusion.

Without hesitation Sehun tries to straighten up, his eyes wandering around his surroundings in shock. "Y..You're at the hospital. You were found in the train after you had fainted.", Chanyeol explains carefully. "Sehun you were on the way to Dongdaegu Station...again."

He's right. Even after the tragic accident, he couldn't help it but go there as often as he could. In that Night, Luhan didn't see a group of young people drinking right behind him. He got pushed. As he landed on the track helplessly, a train hit him and since that night Sehun isn't the same.
Since that night...he hasn't accepted his lovers' death yet. After time passed by, after days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, Sehun still refuses to think about a life existing without Luhan. Now it happened again, his illusions haunting him again.

"Where's my sketchbook?"

Chanyeol handed it to him with confusion written all over his face. As Sehun turns over the pages, praying to God, his breath gets caught in his throat.

His's still there, all of his sketches.
Luhan's presence is there for him to admire.
It's the last page that gets Sehun shaking, it's the last drawing, the last time with him, the last memory of his touch, the last dry tears blurring the lines of lead.

It wasn't a dream neither an Illusion, it was Luhan's farewell.
It was the most painful goodbye yet the first chapter of Sehun's new life.
So Sehun closes his eyes, a weak smile tugging on his lips while his inner voice promises his one and only true beloved...that he'll live for him.

- -- -- - -

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