Masterpiece (HUNHAN)

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since ya all desperately wanted this to happen!
I'm sincerely sorry for making you wait for so long but I've planned  a storyline for every requested couple and I will make it all happen soon!! Thank you for waiting and reading. Have fun! ~
*Warnings ;  kinda angst

"Good boy", Sehun mouths in a higher pitched voice while resting his fingers behind his beloved one's soft ears

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"Good boy", Sehun mouths in a higher pitched voice while resting his fingers behind his beloved one's soft ears. His dog Vivi barks happily in return, setting himself comfortably on his owner's lap. Dazzling views of Koreas beautiful grounds whirr in front of his eyes extremely fast and for once more, the man can't remember for how long he has to travel around like this. Truthfully speaking, going on journeys isn't his favorite thing to do but there are still so many places for him to see, to explore and way too many for him to admire. Just when he is about to get impatient about getting off the station as quick as possible, a sudden flat voice of the train conducter appeared by the speakers, announcing another delay.

Surprisingly Sehun finds himself unbothered, his eyes taking notice of something else, perhaps even more exciting than the scenery behind those hazy windows.
Something - his mind studies in every single Detail that  it's able to recognize without sensing the urge to look away. Slowly, the unknown image begins to fade and that 'something' turns out to be someone. 
That someone doesn't seem to be aware of anything that's happening around him since those eyes are covered with the moving reflection of the view outside, jaw awfully relaxed and peacefully rested on his pale hand, soft strands of brownish hair falling down to meet his skin and his tender lips staying firmly in place. For a moment, the young man can't help it but grip onto his bag, feeling completely thrown away to somewhere lost.
Even Vivi starts to steal weird glances towards his owner, especially when he hears the sound of rumbling. Sehun plans to take out his sketch book instantly, still checking if the beautiful stranger has moved but fortunately he remains like a doll he used to see in Japan's show windows. 
Carefully, a thin line is drawn-out before it gets connected to another one. One by one, glance by glance, those pencil strokes start to resemble those shining eyes Sehun is way too curious about. Titling his head slightly to the left, he tries to take a look of his features and it doesn't take him too long to bring them down to paper.
Sehun can't stop himself from smiling as he eyes up his drawing in the end. He watches the stranger put on his earphones, humming to a song in delight and like magic, music notes are placed all over the sketch by Sehuns gentle hands.
As he finally decides to take a step to ask the stranger about his name, the said one suddenly rises up his seat to get off the station. The young man curses underneath his breath, taking down the date, time and name of the station.
Tuesday - 7:19pm - Dongdaegu
He doesn't know why but he might be sure to meet him again and until that time arrives, he'll keep his eyes on his quick drawing.

- - - -

Sehun has never been this desperate to finally get on the train. It's 7:00pm as the stranger enters the same train all over again. But Sehun won't miss his chance this time. 
"Excuse me", he hums while bowing a little in a polite manner, finally catching the other's attention. His hazel eyes find their ways to his own ones, dazzling. "Is this seat taken?" 
"Ah no...Please, sit down.", his soft voice remains in Sehuns head and he wants to capture the beautiful sound of it at it's all costs. 

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