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   This is what Akemi's wiki page would look like:

   Akemi Sohma is cursed by the spirit of the horseofthe zodiac. She transforms into a black filly whenever she is hugged by a member of the opposite gender, or whenever h is under a great deal of stress. She is a love interest to Yuki and Hatsuharu Sohma throughtout the series. She later on became Yuki Sohma's girlfriend, only to be dumped by him later on. While with Yuki, it was clear she still had feelings for Hatsuharu. She suffers from depression, insomnia, islophobia, and agrophobia. She is easily confused about things, mostly about her relationship with others. It is shown she and Kyo really care for each other, not neccesarily in a romantic way, but he treat her as if she's her sister. Akemi thinks it's the fact they both feel like outcasts that they fit in so well.

Name: Akemi Sohma

Kanji Name: 相馬あけみ

Gender: Female

Age: 15-16

Hair Color: Black with a slight purple tint.

Eye color: Purple (Anime)
                   Brown (Manga)

Height: 5'5

Weight: 110 lbs

Blood Type: AB


Father (estranged, possibly deceased)

Mother (estranged, possibly deceased)

Hatori Sohma (adoptive father, legal guardian)

Kyo Sohma (cousin)

Hatsuharu Sohma (cousin)

Momiji Sohma (cousin)

Yuki Sohma (ex-boyfriend, cousin)

Cursed Year: Horse

Actual Year: Rooster

Astrological sign: Pisces

Voice Actor: Akemi Lyrica Sutcliffe


To Kyo Sohma: "I'm sorry I'm too sucky to live with you!"

To Takei about her hair length: "I'll cut my hair later if desired."

Thoughts about Kyo and Haru's fight: I couldn't help but think abou how sexy this fight was........ What is wrong with me?!

To Kyo, about Hatsuharu: "Come on, Kyo, I've seen him naked!"

To Kyo, upon being called a "goof": "Kyo, I have feelings!"

To Kyo: "Well, being part of something makes you special, right?"


To Hatori: "Hatori, what's wrong with you?! Are you on your period or something?!


Kyo: "Damn, how many times today do we have to see your bra?"
Akemi: "Kyo, don't you pretend like you don't like it."

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