Chapter 28

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The ward was quiet as people went about their shifts without any problems. The silence was broken by the laughter radiating from the office while staff began to change over. "Give it back!" Connie reached higher trying to grab her phone from his grasp. Sam laughed as she tried yet again but failed.

He smiled as she frowned, a hand against his chest as she jumped seeing him move his hand higher. "Even those heels can't help you out-" "Shut up Strachan and give it back." He smirked as she moved her eyes to meet his momentarily before stretching once again. Sam laughed wrapping an arm around her waist pulling her so that her back pressed against his chest. "Give up yet?"

Connie laughed holding onto his arm that was around her stomach, his breath against her neck as he looked over her shoulder. "Do I ever give up?" He felt warm pressed so close to her as she felt her body relaxing into him despite their setting. Leaning to the side Connie looked up over her shoulder at him seeing the smile on his lips. "Shouldn't you be getting home now anyway?"

He considered her words tilting his head to one side before looking to her. "I think there's something else I need to do first-" "Which is?" Connie watched him before he closed the small space between them by pressing his lips to hers. The kiss was gentle, taking her breath away much like many of their interactions did.

Breaking apart from her he smiled standing up straight as she twisted round to face him, his arm still around her. He lifted a hand to brush her hair back from her face tucking it behind her ear. "Did that answer your question?" Connie pushed her tongue into her cheek trying to stop the smile showing on her face. "I think I got it."

Sam smiled running his thumb across her cheek before turning her phone around in his hand. "Here, shorty." Connie glared up at him as she took it back but before she could speak he pressed another kiss to her lips. Sliding her arms up around his neck she deepened the kiss feeling his hands press to the small of her back.

Separating Connie leant backwards as he held her. "You best go, Emma will be waiting." He nodded loosening his hold on her as she stepped out of his embrace and around her desk. "We're still on for this weekend though right?" When she remained quiet Sam frowned stepping closer to the desk. "Con?" "I don't know Sam, this is all getting a bit too much... We shouldn't, we can't keep doing this."

He quickly moved around the desk noticing her avoiding his gaze. Stopping her from packing her bag he held onto her hands and turned her to face him. "Connie?" "It's not just me and you that are going to get hurt, it's Greg and Emma too." He placed a warm hand to her cheek while the other laced through with hers. "I've told you Connie, it doesn't have to be like that-" "For you maybe not, but for me... I can't throw away everything I have with Greg for something that probably won't even last."

She watched him release a heavy breath before nodding. "Okay." Connie felt a part of her panic at the bluntness of his response despite herself. "Sam-" "Take Greg there this weekend. You need that time with him." She met his gaze as he smiled genuinely at her. "You're sure?" "Connie like you said, he's your partner and you love him. Spend the weekend away from here with him."

Connie knew that what he was saying was true. Maybe it would be best to clear her head away from the truth of their situation. Nodding slowly she pulled a tight lipped smile. "Okay." Sam smiled dropping his hand from her cheek finally but kept her hand in his. "I best go, promised Emma we'd spend some time together tonight to try and fix things." "You never said things weren't okay."

He smiled shaking his head. "It's fine Connie, don't worry. I'll see you when you come back." Leaning forwards he kissed her forehead before letting go of her hand and moving towards the door. As it shut behind him she sighed rubbing a hand across her forehead. Without thinking much about what she was doing, she rushed to the door pulling it open before moving down the corridor towards the staffroom.

Throwing the door open Sam lifted his head as she crossed the room to him. Throwing her arms around his neck she pushed her lips to his desperately as he held onto her. Responding to her, he ran his hands over her waist deepening the kiss. She grasped at his neck feeling one of his hands move beneath her blouse, pressing to her back. Parting from his lips slightly she stayed close to him.

"What was that for?" "For making me think that was it." He frowned briefly as he pushed a hand back through her hair. "I thought that was what you wanted? For this to stop and for you to move on with Greg-" "I thought it was too, but I don't know what I want anymore Sam." He sighed resting his forehead against hers caressing her back gently. "Well my mind's set on what I want, I guess you just need to figure it out now."

Nodding gently she felt his lips press to hers gently once again. She moved back to lean against the lockers as he continued getting changed while she stared up at the ceiling. "Spend this weekend with him, try with him and when you come home we'll talk- I promise we'll just talk." She smirked letting her eyes drop to the floor. "Okay..." "Now don't you have a home to be getting to?"

Connie pushed away from the locker with a nod as they wandered towards the door. Stepping into the corridor Sam smiled beginning to walk the opposite direction. Connie headed to her office picking up her things and pulling her coat on before she wandered out into the car park. It was cold and dark, ice beginning to coat the road as she pulled away from the hospital. Seeing him up ahead she slowed down and opened the window. "Get in and I'll drive you-" "It's fine-" "Get in. Now."

He surrendered knowing better than to argue with her as he pulled the door open and sat beside her. "Thank you." Sam watched her drive most the way while she remained unaware. All too soon she was slowing outside his flat. "What you said earlier, about knowing what you want... You're sure about that?" Sam watched her eyes gradually lift to his as he moved a hand to her cheek. "I know that I'm wasting someone's time, and you're right that isn't fair. Whether we happen or not, I can't stay with Em anymore."

Connie nodded taking hold of his hand as she looked down at it. "Give me some time to think all this through. For me?" He smiled lightly moving to lift her chin so she looked to him. "Of course." She was the one to lean forward and kiss him gently before leaning back into her seat. "Good night Sam-" "Night Connie."

The car felt incredibly empty with him gone as she watched him disappear inside. Taking a deep breath she released it and drove in the direction of her home, thoughts plaguing her mind as she considered everything that had been happening over the last four months.

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