You're Engaged?!

Liz Johnson, a normal, 22 year old girl, knocks on the door of her best friend’s house. ‘Zac, open up! It’s me, Liz!’ she says, really annoyed. Cause she’s been knocking on the door, pressing the doorbell for almost 5 minutes. Finally she sees movement in the house. Zac opens the door. ‘Why are you here, at 9 o’clock, on Sunday?!’ Zac says, annoyed. ‘Well.’ Liz said, as she walked in. ‘I came to tell you something important.. But I can come back later if you want too..’ Liz said, facing Zac. ‘Yeah, that would be the best for both of us..’ Then Zac notices the ring on Liz’s finger. ‘Oh no he didn’t!’ Zac said. Liz starts to smile very big. ‘Yes he did! Danny proposed!’ Zac looked down. Liz has been his best friend since he spilled his juice on her in kindergarten. And since 6th grade he is crushing on her. He never wanted her to date Danny, just so he could date her, once. He couldn’t believe he proposed on her. Liz looked at him. ‘Aren’t you happy?’ she said, looking at him. Zac fakes a smile. ‘Of course I’m happy for you!’ He picked her up and spins her around. ‘Zac, put me down!’ Liz said, laughing. Zac putted her down. Liz looked at him again. ‘What’s wrong?’ he asked. ‘Well, Danny asked me to come live with him in New York.’ ‘Why? What’s wrong with living in Los Angeles?’ Liz sighed. ‘Well, his family lives there.’ ‘And your family lives here. Why would you give up your life, for his?’ Liz looked down, she takes a deep breath, as she holds up her shoulders. Zac looks down, again. He couldn’t believe that his best friend was gonna leave him! After almost 15 years being friends. This couldn’t happen, this isn’t happening. Then Liz’s phone rings. She answers it, without looking at the caller ID. ‘Yeah?’ ‘You’re engaged to Danny?!’ some really excited girl almost yelled through the phone. Liz smiled. ‘Yeah. He proposed on me yesterday. But, Kyles, how did you find out?’ ‘Danny told me. I ran into him at the grocery store.’ Kylie said. 'Oh.' Liz responded. She looked at Zac. 'Uhm, Kyles, I gotta go.' 'Okay. Bye. Love ya.' Kylie said and they both hung up the phone. Things got a little awkward. Liz looks at her watch. 'I should go. I told Danny I'd come back after I told you..' 'Yeah. Okay.' Zac said. Liz left without saying anything. After Liz left Zac hits his fist against the wall. 'Noooo!' he yells and falls on the couch.

(A picture of Liz on the side)

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