Life Is Frantastic Chapter One; Part One

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Hi, my name is Chloe. Chloe Warshaw. Today I'm going to be leaving my home town Dallas and will be moving too LA. I'm moving to LA with my Dad, my younger sister Kelsey and my dog Spike. I'm moving there because my Mom and Dad divorced (it was my Mom's fault) my Mom cheated on my Dad so I want to stay with my Dad from now on. I'm not going to be a loner in LA because some of my YouTube friends will be there (I'm a youtuber) There's Jenn, Andrea, Jack, Rebecca and O2L and I'm REALLY excited to see them again! "Girls come on! The cars packed and were supposed to be in the airport in 15 minutes." Yelled my Dad from downstairs. "Okay we're coming." I shouted back down finishing doing my little sisters hair. Me and my sister both ran down stairs and into the car. Kelsey called 'shot gun' on the front seat so I was crammed in the back. I was about 5 minutes away from the airport and I received a text. I Pressed the button on the top of my phone and unlocked it. It was from Andrea. "I've missed you so much! Can't wait to see you!!!xoxox" I reply back quickly and by the time I finished texting we arrived at the airport. Once we finally got all the bags out the car we made our way to the airport entrance, all of a sudden I feel my sister tugging at my arm asking "Can I go on you back Chloe? Please, please, Please?!" I groaned and lifted her on my back and continued rolling my suitcase beside my dad. Her little lips kissed my cheek "I love you, Chloe!" She said sweetly. "Love you too, booger." I replied. She giggled. She's only seven so she dosent really know what's going on with Mom and Dad. My dog had too take a separate flight because someone on our flight was really allergic to dogs so we have too meet him in LAX. A couple hours later we have already put our bags through and checked in. Me, Dad and Kelsey are in terminal 4 sitting down waiting for our plane to be called. I have my earphones plugged in and my music blaring into my ears. I feel small finger tapping on my shoulder. I take out one earphone and turn around, it was Kelsey. "Can I listen?" She asked biting her nails innocently. I nod and place the earphone is her ear. I turn the volume down a bit because it's really loud. She's sat on my lap with her head laying on my shoulder. After about ten minutes of listening to 'Barbie Girl' on repeat over and over, she fell asleep. I took the earphone gently out her ear and put it back in my ear.

Thankyou guys for reading! I know it's really short but I'll try to update it soon!!


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