Chapter 13~My soulmate is a wolf, so why am i in love with a guy?

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Chapter 13

"It's complicated." He said while trying to get up and wincing.

"So first I will tell you what I am and how it works, but you have to promise to keep an open mind and please don't run away. Let me finish and then you can choose." He said seriously and honestly I was started to get freaked out.

"Alright I promise to keep an open mind and I will not run away no matter what you tell me."


"Okay so here it goes."

"I am a shifter. What that means is that I can turn into a wolf. There are many Mythical explanations to why that is but what you need to know now is that my father, my grandfather and others in my line were also wolves, which means that my children will also be wolves, but that will be their choice."

"So you are telling me that you can shift to a wolf?"

"Yes." He said gently.

I couldn't believe it I mean I promised to keep an open mind but come on no same person thinks they can turn into wolves. "So what does that have to do with me?"

"As those idiots said you are my mate. You see a wolf chooses a female and they spend the rest of their lives together, but for us its not a matter of a choice. For us when we see the girl, we just know."

"Yeah, but.." I started but he interrupted me.

"Wait let me finish. Usually our mate has the same feeling and she has to make a choice. Stay with us and become a shifter, or choose to stay as they are. Most of the time when the female chooses not to become a shifter the male gives up that too and they go on and live like humans, like your parents."

"Wait a second, my parents?"

"Yeah, your father was a shifter like me and your mother obviously didn't want to be so he have it up and moved halfway around the world."

What are you supposed to do when your boyfriend tells you he can turn into an animal? I mean wolf, love it and all but how am I supposed to react when everything he says seams real but my mind refuses to accept it. Alright I think I got the answer "Play along".

"So how long do I have until I have to choose?"

"You are supposed to shift on the next full moon, so if you choose not to give it up you have to tell me before so we can prepare for the night. If you choose to give it up then we should talk about it and if you don't choose, you will shift and it will physically hurt you ." He was still holding me but he was looking into my eyes and I would see that this is not a joke to him and maybe it's not a joke at all maybe all this is real.

"So what your saying is that I have to choose if I want to be a shifter or not, but what happens to up if I don't choose?"

"If you don't choose I will be powerless and I can't help you."

I had to do something, so I sat up and looked at him. How can someone so normal looking be a "shifter"? I looked at every inch of him, memorizing him because after this day who knows what will happen.

"What do you want?" I asked. If I was really going to do this I had to know and somehow it was feeling more real by the second and my mind made the connecting with the wolf I saw in front of the cabin with the man that is lying beside me.

"I love being a wolf, you have no idea what its like when you shift, the freedom you feel when you run and the power its like nothing can stop you." It was heartbreaking to see him talk like that about something he loves and something I really didn't want to know about.

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