"Good so best friends ?"-Jacob asked 

"Best friends"-You smilled and hugged him 

"Is everything okay here ?"-Jerimiah asked coming in to the room 

"Haha yeah everything is fine but I'll be leaving now"-You said 

"Yeah me too . Thanks man"-Jacob said to Jerimiah 

"No problem"-Jerimiah nodded 

"See you later Jerry"-You waved at Jerimiah before leaving 

"Sooo .."-Jacob said 

"Sooo ?"-You asked 

"Do you need a ride home ?"-Jacob asked pointing to his car 

"My house isn't far from here . I'll just walk"-You smiled 

"Oh no please I insist"-Jacob said opening the car door for you 

"Fine"-You smiled and hopped in 

 "Yess"-Jacob whispered before getting in the drivers seat 

"Can I take you out to eat ?"-Jacob asked pulling out of Jerimiah's driveway 

"Nah , I just wanna go home . Thanks tho"-You smiled 

"You sure ? You aint hungry ?"-Jacob asked 

"Yeah I'm sure"-You sighed

"Oh okay but you doing anything tomorrow ?"-Jacob asked 

"Naah , I didn't have anything planned why ?"-You asked 

"I uhhh ... I um .. N-nevermind"-Jacob said 

"Nooo tell me"-You said 

"I was wondering if you would go out with me ... NOT AS A DATE or anything"-Jacob laughed nervously 

"Sure I wouldn't mind . Just best friends right ?"-You smiled 

"Yeah .... Best friends"-Jacob fake smiled 

"You okay Jake ?"-You asked 

" .... You haven't called me Jake in a very long time"-Jacob said 

" Yeah ... I know"-You said then looked the other way 

The rest of the car journey was really quiet luckly it was only 2 minutes til yall reached your house .

"Thanks for the ride Jacob"-You said closing the car door

"Any time"-Jacob smiled 

"Yeah"-You said . An awkward silence occured 

"SO"-Jacob said breaking up the silence 

"Umm would you like to come in ?"- You asked obviously knowing that he would say yes 

"Yeah sure ... I have nothing else to do"-Jacob said 

"Okay"-You said unlocking your door and letting him in 

Yall were just chilling and doing stuff best friends would so like watching movies, eating candy & popcorn & well basically have fun .

"OMG YEAHH !! But rememeber when everyone used to make fun of Ricky starkford because he was big and used to eat 24/7 " - You said 

"I can't lie he was fat tho"-Jacob chuckled a little 

"Of course you thought that he was fat because you used to bully him and everyone else"-You gave him a straight face 

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