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Y/n's POV
As we got into the car so many thoughts came rushing in some bad some good quite frankly I'm scared shitless but still all Vinny is doing is saying shit over and over again under his breath as if I can't hear him, what is he doesn't want this baby, what if he doesn't want me, I thought to myself obviously that's not true I just think the dumbest things when I'm panicking I don't know why I just do, throughout the whole car ride I was moaning groaning puffing and cursing due to the extreme pain, once we got to the hospital Vinny told the nurse the situation at the emergency room and we were escorted away into a room fairly quickly, I was placed on a bed and the nurse checked my dialation and said we were almost ready to start, whilst I was being given my epidural Vinny called the guys, his parents and my parents, once everyone got there the nurse said I was fully dialated so I had to start pushing, it is the WORST pain a human being can ever go through, after I pushed out our first child, the nurse looked down and then looked back up at me with a sad expression on her face, I'm so sorry ma'm, but your second baby didn't make it, I closed my legs and cried, not many people understand how devastating it is to lose a child especially an unborn child other during labor...

I know these are pretty short but I would like to try to get them out faster so I'm making them shorter

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