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This is a manner of author's note. Well, author is a big, overstated word in my case. I am not sure I have enough imagination, or rather the talent to put it back in words and to structure a plot decent enough with it... 

So, what am I doing here? Well, I am writing few bits of thoughts and self-experienced like pieces... I am not so much of a social person, and I am a fulltime mom taking care of two monsters... This makes very few possibilities of decent discussions. Anyone who takes care of kids ever told you that they feel they are regressing to the stage of a balbutiating baby when speaking to other adults? I am losing my vocabulary, my world revolves around nappies, milk bottles and first aid care...

I don't pretend to be a writer, I just need to vent a bit and perhaps turn into something else what could look like a boring day to day life.

Some of the subjects I would like to approach are along these lines:

·        How they came to life, or the bittersweet tale of the Miracle of Life

·        Angel or Monsters?

·        Kiss my booboo

·        I am a 24/7 open All You Can Eat buffet

·        That's one step for a small man, one giant leap for my kid

·        Etc.

Well, whatever feels like a new wonder for a parent when looking at their first kid’s firsts… This is what I would like to write about with all the derision it deserves.

Thereupon, welcome to my Realm.

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