• Bonus Chapter: Ava

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Third Person's POV

Luke doesn't know why he is feeling like this.

He's been horny. All day. And Calum isn't even letting him touch him. He's basically twitching under the the table. In front of his daughter that has all the innocence in the world.

Calum is fucking smiling at him so innocently and its making him more turn on. Calum is feeding Ava her food and the girl is cutely clapping her hands as Calum made train noises before laughing.

And Luke doesn't understand. How they are so happy while he is suffering from this pain.

'Papa? Why aren't you eating your food?' Ava asked and Luke was snapped out of his deep thoughts. 'Huh? Oh yeah, just thinking of something.' Luke said and Ava nodded. He can see Calum slyly grinning and boy oh boy, he's gonna get it tonight.

Ava started yawning after she ate her dinner, and calum cooed cutely, and luke doesn't know this too, how someone cute finds another cute, cute.

'Papi sleepy.' Ava said and Calum laughs before picking Ava up. 'Luke, give her a bath and make sure she brush her teeth, also read her a story book.' Calum said and Luke nodded, grabbing Ava from him. 'Papa, Papi, can I sleep on your room tonight? There's monsters under my bed last night.' Ava said and Luke looked at calum for a second.

'Baby, I'm sorry but you ca-'

'Of course baby, you can.' Calum said and smirked at Luke. 'Right Luke?' Calum said and Luke wordlessly nodded. 'Yey!' Ava cheered and Luke took her upstairs. Luke is quite pissed cause Calum let Ava sleep on their room when he knows luke is fucking horny and when he is so much in need.

Luke gave ava a bath, helped her brushed her teeth, carry her until she fell asleep and put her on her bed on her room. He went down where Calum is wiping the dishes and glasses. Calum let out a very loud squeal as Luke wrapped his arms around him, kissing his neck right away.

'luke no, Ava is here.' Calum said and pushed luke away. 'No, you were teasing me all day. And you aren't getting away with it. I was at work, and you called me saying that you were touching yourself and you were thinking of me. Do you think I would let you get away with that? No of fucking course not.' Luke before removing the glass from calum's hand and carry him bridal style.

calum onto Luke as he carry him. 'Luke, this is not a good idea. Ava can wake up any minute.'

'So is calling me saying that you are horny.' Luke said and opened the door to their bedroom where Ava is sleeping on her bed. It would be a bad idea too if they do it in Ava's bedroom.

Luke threw calum on the bed, quickly ripping their clothes off. 'Luke stop it! We don't have time for this!' Calum whispered yelled at luke and luke scoffed. calum grabbed onto Luke's shoulders as luke opened the drawer and grabbed the lube. 'Luke i am telling you. This is n- fuck.' Calum moaned lowly, not wanting to wake up his daughter that is practically 8 meters away from them.

As Luke slid off Calum's boxers, calum kept looking around to see if his daughter is awake.

Luke grabbed his chin and made him look at his eyes. 'If Ava sees this, we both know its your fault.' Luke smirked at him and Calum gulped.

Calum gasps as he felt his legs get raised to his chest. Luke leaned down and licked a fat stripe up the pink hole, getting a taste of slick that makes him go for more.

'Luke if you're not uncomfortable with this then I am- your daughter is so near you- fuck!' Calum moaned lowly again and Luke smirked. 'Your mouth disagrees with this but your body is responding.' Luke says lowly on Calum's hole, sending vibrations up Calum.

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