|Atlas| "How Could You?"

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Birds hummed quietly around you; couples talked around you

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Birds hummed quietly around you; couples talked around you. Your hands sat nearly in your lap as your gaze continued to fixate on the beautiful sky of Columbia. Also known as The City In The Sky. Living here was peaceful, as long as you abided by the rules. Respect the girl in the tower and don't cause any trouble. Easy rules to abide by, You stood from the bench and walked to the edge, placing your arms over the bars, glancing at what seemed like a bottomless pit, known as The Sodum Below. The continuous fairground music continued to play around you; children sang and danced in the center. You peered over your left shoulder, smiling gently.

Shifting your gaze towards the large memorial, you sighed quietly. The magnificence of the great Angel like statue overwhelmed you. No one knew what the girl in the tower looked like; However, that didn't include you. You'd known the girl known as Elizabeth Comstock, for quite some time now. She had long brown locks, and an innocent face, that looked porcelain. She had two large blue eyes and a beautiful smile to go with them, in other words. She was an angel, ironic hmm?

You were originally from Rapture, born and raised in the terror of the city underneath, grew up around a man by the name of Atlas. Kind, until he ordered you around. He consistently made you risk your life to get things he needed, while he sat in his office, all day every day, Doing nothing. Every day till now, you're still glad you managed to escape. It wasn't easy, and you knew Atlas was to track you down and kill you. He never cared for traitors. The thought of his face appearing in front of you again spiraled your mind into pure fear. He wasn't the easiest person to settle a deal with, Without bloodshed that was.

Would you kindly

Would you kindly

Would you kindly

Those words were everything now. Fear agony and betrayal, something you were never to escape from, You sighed at the thought while looking at the tower once more, you walked towards it, pushing through the crowds of happy citizens, even travelers. Many asked you the same question.

"Morning Y/N, are you going to see the girl in the tower, send her my love."

You'd nod towards them, continuing to walk down the familiar path. You took the skyline up to the tower and walked in.

"This damned tower..." You muttered.

The whole thing was like a maze. Twisted paths and too many doors to count. You looked at the windows that were placed in the tower sighing. They violated all of Elizabeth's privacy. Hence the reason every time you came, you'd use your plasmids, to seal up the window in thick ice. However today felt different, she wasn't in her room as always. Instead, a large crash could be heard from the library area, you ran through the halls, opening the doors as you went, determined to find the source of the noise. You opened the last door and saw Elizabeth about to hit a man with a book. You looked towards her as did she towards you; she placed the book down.

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