Sex ∥Part 1

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I wanted her so badly. But all she wanted was something else. She wanted to see me casually but I wanted different.

Her long brunette curls bounced up and down everytime. Almost perfect. Her plump, cushiony lips kissed mine and it felt like pure bliss but it was incomplete, there was a mistake.

They didn't belong to me.

The way her golden eyes sparkled everytime she smiled. But all those moments weren't real. I wanted her so bad, but she's got a boyfriend anyway.

'You know what you agreed on', she tells me as she gracefully puts her shirt on.

I stay quiet.

'If Marcus finds out, you know him and you know what happened last time he suspected something', she nonchalantly says and clips her earrings on.

I wince at the though of Marcus and his huge fists. He has huge brooding shoulders and scraggly brown hair, his arms always below her waist like the gentleman he is. I don't know what Avery sees in him, I'll never know. Maybe she likes his crooked jawline or his taller figure.

'Noah you better fuck off before I break you pretty little face', Marcus yells as he opens up the door.

Avery stiffens up and shuffles through her school books.

'You better not be fucking my girlfriend or doing anything because she belongs to me', he sends dirty looks my way.

'Hey baby I told you we were studying, you know I want to pass this class to be smart with you', Averys voice mellows out and she stands on her toes to give her boyfriend a peck on the cheeks.

Marcus has a smug look on his face that instantly tells me to get lost. I walk toward the door and give a friendly smile before disappearing into the void.

I get into my mini van and drive toward Mason's house.

The pungent smell of cigarettes escape the door as I walk in. As per usual Mason is sitting on the stools in the kitchen. A cigarette stick is hanging from his long pale fingers and the white smoke curls up and vanishes into thin air.

'I need to feel more. More emptiness', his deep voice croaks.

Mason stands up and pushes me. He goes to the ivory walls and punches them fifteen times until his knuckles break.

'Enough Mason', my calm but angry voice echoes through the walls. I pin his shoulders against the wall and sweep his curly hair to the side.

'It wasn't your fault he's like this', I say and he collapses to the floor.

'Who knows'.


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