Chapter 1 - Resolute

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The liquid that I had been given didn't have any side effects on me besides being able to develop powers like a shinigami. I was glad for that because I didn't want to grow an extra pair of limbs or get a tail. Getting the ability to see spirits and hollows and getting the power to fight against them to protect other people was a gift. Unlike those men who experimented on me, I wanted to hold my head up high and proud because I was doing something worthwhile. I wanted to have a clear conscience.

Although, the only time when everyone in Soul Society got to know just how powerful I truly am was when I destroyed more than half of Seireitei with one swing of my sword in my Bankai and hollowfied form. It was pure annihilation with no traces of the buildings left there. Well, I was practicing one of the strongest moves that I could use but the destruction was too much. Thankfully, I was training on the night of a festival in Seireitei and everyone was gathered on the other side of town. No one was hurt from my attack.

Ever since then, I've always kept my reiatsu in check by a reiatsu limiter seal on my left shoulder. The tattoo twice as big as what other shinigami have as a reiatsu limiter seal because it has to suppress so much more of my power. Kurotsuchi san was the one who invented a serum that I had to drink so I would have the ability to activate and release the seal at will whenever I wanted to. Most of the time though, I made sure that my reiatsu was suppressed to the lowest level possible with the seal.

It wasn't long before Ichigo figured out that I was a shinigami like him. He took it well and even appreciated me for doing what I could to protect innocent people and destroy hollows. We were almost always together and we spoke about anything and everything. We had no secrets between us....well, except for some that we couldn't tell each other because we were opposite genders. We were like siblings, with him taking the place of a younger and protective brother I never had.

Ichigo, his sisters and tou san were my only family now. I lived in a paying guest studio apartment just a block away from their house but I spent most of the day with them. I would even sleep over with the twins at least three to four nights of the week. All of this was because I didn't like being alone.

Tou san had taken care of my education as well. I was home tutored, or rather hospital tutored, during the time I recovered in the hospital. Ichigo and all his friends visited me often and helped me study and take special off site exams to earn a high school degree. When I was out of the hospital, totally healed, I got into university to study Journalism.

Some of Ichigo's friends were special too and had powers. They weren't shinigami but they also helped out with defeating hollows. We became very close and we hung out a lot. And it was not just during the times when we had to take care of hollows that came to the human world to harm the people.

It was all good that I had this kind of power to protect people but sometimes, I feel like I might have been better off without it. Even though I was friendly with everyone in Soul Society, they hesitated to get close to me. Forget about friendly spars, most of them didn't want to be around me for longer than necessary. Sometimes, I couldn't restrain my physical strength from showing and people I knew in school and anywhere else in the human world made fun of me or called me a freak. It was difficult for me but I managed to pull through and blend into the crowd thanks to my savior family and my two best friends in school.

But right now, we had much more important things to take care of. While Ichigo, Sado and Ishida were training to get stronger so they could defeat Aizen when he came to destroy Karakura Town, I wanted to end this dangerous battle and not let Ichigo or anyone from the human world or Soul Society get hurt. Going to Hueco Mundo on my own was my idea because I knew I had the power to subdue Aizen, Ichimaru and Tousen with my own hands. Even their army of Espada would be useless to stop me.

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