Clyde x reader- Stick of Truth ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling~

~ Your POV ~

Being a princess for a kingdom is a lot of hard work but it's worth it in the end.

I was in the land of the KKK, it was the day the new kid of south park wanted to play with us I was fully aware of an invasion so I was prepared to battle. The humans had no idea what was about to happen, while the elves were preparing to attack I was talking to my crush Clyde, we are very close, friend wise and family wise, I loved his mum she was like a second mum... it hit me hard when she passed but I got through it because I'm strong... at heart and will.

Clyde and I were talking about tacos and school when the humans spotted the elves invading the KKK, Clyde was told to protect the stick and I was told to fight by the Grand wizard fatass.

I fought my hardest in this battle but I couldn't help the feeling that I was been watching by someone from a far, I turn in the direction and it was Clyde watching me fight I stare at him and his face goes red and he looks away, I shrugged it off and went back to fighting.

After the elves retreated, Cartman was cheering until Clyde approved him with a disappointed looked and said "the elves took the stick"

"what?" The grand wizard said

"Yeah the stick is gone" Clyde said


"YOU Can't DO THAT!!" Clyde said now pissed off and as of me i stood there in shocked

"Yes I can I'm the grand wizard" he said sassy.

"Fine, fucking you!! (Y/n) are you coming with me?" You nodded and walked beside Clyde

"(Y/n) you can't be fucking leaving?!" Cartman said

"Yes I am!! I'm sick of you bossing me around its so annoying!! So fuck you wizard fatass!!" I said walking away giving Cartman the bird.

We went to Clyde's house, I was sitting on the couch and i was so uncomfortable sitting in this dress, Clyde obviously saw my discomfort and said "(Y/n) come with me for a second" I nodded and followed him up stairs to his room.

Clyde opened the door and looked through his closest, he pulled out a big shirt and a pair of shorts and gave it to you. He walked towards the door and said before leaving "change into them it will be more comfortable" he shut the door behind him, and i started to undress.


Clyde's clothes are so soft and they smell like him, i was on cloud 9. I grabbed the princess dress off the bed and went down stairs to see Clyde watching T.V, he looked at me and said "comfy?"

I nodded with a light blush on my cheeks. I jumped over the couch and sat next to Clyde "(Y/n) what am I going to do about that fatass?" He said about to cry

"Well you could make your own kingdom that is stronger than fatass" I said looking at him

"Hey...that could work but it will be like a kingdom of darkness and I can be sort of like the prince" he said getting excited "what... then want can I be?" I said looking worried

"You can be a princess" he mumbled softly and I gave him the stink eye "no why Clyde, I hated being a princess it was boring" i said complaining

"It won't be boring" he said with a cheesy smirk

"How are you going to make being a princess NOT boring?" he looked at me leaning in and he kissing me, I kissing back slightly I never wanted this moment to end.

We pulled away and he said "now you have to be a princess"

"Damn it" I said blushing

"But you're my princess" he said kissing me on the cheek.

"Yeah" I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him again full of love.

((WORD COUNT: 684))

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